Israel mulls response to mass credit card hack

An Israeli official says the state considers a recent mass credit card hack to be a serious "breach of sovereignty" comparable to a terrorist attack. 

Research in Motion sets up dedicated Mideast service

After facing a huge threat that the United Arab Emirates would completely suspend service to some Blackberry services, the manufacturer of Blackberry handsets has set up a special service agreement with the area.

UAE withdraws Blackberry ban

Travelers to the United Arab Emirates can breathe a sign of relief: they won't have to be parted from their Blackberrys after all. The country has withdrawn its threat to shut off all Blackberry messaging, email and web browsing on Monday, saying it's now satisfied that the devices comply with the UAE's regulatory framework.

Obama criticizes Middle East Blackberry ban

The Obama administration has criticized the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for threatening to ban certain BlackBerry smartphone services.