Tweetbot for iPhone renews the Twitter for mobile addiction

Twitter is one of those tools that’s especially cool when used on your mobile phone. The problem? Most Twitter for mobile clients absolutely suck.

Report: UberMedia to launch Twitter competitor

UberMedia, a company which has coded multiple Twitter apps, may be planning to launch its own site to compete with the social networking giant.

Social networking gets video makeover with Tout

The emphasis on real-time, online communications has grown tremendously over the past few years with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook storming the Internet. 

Does Google have a high-level mole at Twitter?

A mole may have informed Google that Twitter was attempting to poach two of its senior engineers.

Yes, DHS will tweet terror alerts

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is reportedly planning to replace the current five color-coded terror alerts with only two warnings: elevated and imminent.

Twitter eyes promoted pages

Much like Facebook’s business pages, word on the street says Twitter is considering a similar strategy as part of its plan to monetize the social networking site.

Obama re-evaluates social media campaign for 2012

President Obama’s groundbreaking social media campaign was partly credited for his 2008 success, but four years later, the game has certainly changed.

Twitter analysis predicts stock prices a day ahead

Playing the stock market just got a little easier, thanks to economists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) who have developed a website that predicts individual stock trends.

Israeli startup with more users than Twitter may sell for billions

You may have never heard of it but the Israeli startup Conduit has half as many users as Facebook, more users than LinkedIn and Twitter, and it’s for sale.

Opinion: New study looks at impact of new media on eating habits

One of the benefits of the information age is the new forms of media that we have access to. But did you ever wonder how new media impacts our eating habits?

Dorsey tasked with making Twitter more useful

Last week, TG Daily reported that Jack Dorsey, original Twitter founder, would be making a comeback to the company.

Twitter's Top Tweets spreads adult spam

Twitter's own Top Tweets account appears to have been hacked - either that, or the company's algorithms have been rewritten by somebody really full of the joys of spring.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey makes a comeback

Jack Dorsey, the original creator of 140-character social networking site Twitter, is back in the game. Word on the street says Twitter hopes to re-hire Dorsey full time as either the CEO or something like a chief product officer.

Courtney Love returns to Twitter kicking and screaming

Courtney Love, the poster girl for all things stable, definitely has a checkered past when it comes to Twitter.

Twitter gets serious about HTTPS

Twitter is bolstered its digital security perimeter with the addition of a setting that offers permanent access to the popular social networking site via HTTPS.

Location-based apps take center stage at SXSW

SXSW is a show defined by minds and ideas, rather than the announcement of new consumer electronics.

Twitter clocks in at one billion tweets per week

Twitter has managed to rack up some rather impressive stats in honor of its fifth birthday.

Feds ditch First Amendment in WikiLeaks Twitter probe

A federal judge has ruled the US government can subpoena records from Twitter to assist in an ongoing criminal investigation of WikiLeaks.

Are we experiencing Charlie Sheen overload?

Like any good Internet meme, there comes a point of saturation where sheer delight turns to absolute disgust and overload. Take that sheer disgust and multiply it by three and there you have it: Charlie Sheen.

Tweet Viewer stalks the cyber ether

A new worm is spreading through the murky Twitter ether, tempting gullible users with the promise of identifying those pesky Tweet "stalkers."