Twitter's new "Follow" button simplifies tracking

Twitter has just launched a new feature that makes following third-party companies and websites easier than ever.

Weiner hack embarrasses outspoken congressman

Truthfully, I'm really not sure how New York Rep. Anthony Weiner didn't see this one coming - but hey, what do I know?

Twitter may launch photo sharing this week

Twitter could be planning to launch its own photo upload and sharing service this week, according to multiple reports.

Twitter may hand over user details in superinjunction fiasco

Twitter has promised to warn users if it's forced to hand over the names of users who have breached UK superinjunctions.

Analysis: Obama’s online media Terminator

The White House has created a new position to deal with online media. If they think that someone has said something that is untrue about Obama they will be dealt with.

Twitter cuts a $40 million check to buy TweetDeck

Twitter has just inked one of its most expensive deals to take.

Twitter offers detailed permissions for third-party apps

Taking a cue from Facebook, Twitter is offering users more control over what information they share with third-party applications.

Tweeting Taliban switches to English

It seems the Taliban isn't quite as opposed to the use of modern technology as it once was. Not only does it now have its own Twitter feed, it's even started tweeting in English.

Superinjunction scandal proves a boon to Twitter

The recent kerfuffle over so-called superinjunctions in the UK has led to a big boost in Twitter traffic.

VH1 launches Co-Star iPad app

VH1 has launched Co-Star, an iPad app designed to engage viewers in online conversation about their favorite TV shows like Mob Wives, Saddle Ranch and Audrina.

Twitter account exposes celebrity gagging orders

A controversial legal tool in the UK used to protect celebrities' privacy has been defied by a single Twitter user who is posting details of a series of alleged indiscretions.

Canadians use Twitter to defy election law

Thousands of rebellious Twitter users have been defying Canadian election rules by posting results before all polls across the country were closed.

News of Bin Laden's death spreads via Twitter, New Yorkers take action

The energy in New York was explosive last night as news of Osama Bin Laden’s death spread like wildfire throughout the city.

Pakistani man unknowingly live-blogs Bin Laden raid

The raid that killed Osama Bin Laden yesterday was live-blogged on Twitter - by a man who had no idea what it was he was watching.  

Rogue apps infiltrate Twitter disguised as banned Lady Gaga video

No matter how badly you want to see the "banned Lady Gaga" video, do not click the links floating around Twitter.

It's hip to be Square: Visa invests in Dorsey's startup

Square has announced a strategic investment from Visa, which industry sources say is in the "single-digit millions."

State Department focuses on social media outreach is no more as the State Department allocates resources from the site towards new social media endeavors.

"Unfollowed Me" rogue app spreads across Twitter

Twitter users are increasingly faced with a headache that has long plagued its bigger cousin Facebook - rogue applications.

How to make Twitter more useful

Last year, Twitter made it a goal to increase monetization of its social networking site by implementing promoted tweets and running ad campaigns with major brands.

Report: Twitter wants to buy TweetDeck for $50 million

Twitter is reportedly in talks to buy TweetDeck for approximately $50 million.