Is Twitter worth $7 billion?

Even though Twitter hasn't made any declarations about a potential IPO or even hinted of the possibility of going public any time soon, our favorite micro-blogging client may soon be valued at around $7 billion.

PayPal's UK Twitter account hacked

PayPal UK's Twitter account was taken over last night by a disgruntled customer who took the opportunity to post a few choice words about the company.

Pearltrees wants you to broadcast web content

A new version of Pearltrees is now live for eager social curators on the 'Net.

Secret Service looking into Fox News Twitter hack

The Secret service is looking into the hacking of Fox News’s political Twitter account.

Google shuts Realtime Search after Twitter deal expires

Google Realtime Search, which incorporates results from the Twitter firehose, is down, after the company's deal with the micro-blogging site expired without being renewed.

FTC is investigating Twitter

The Feds are looking at exchanges between Twitter and UberMedia.

The Pope is now on Twitter

Pretty much no one has an excuse for not being on Twitter now.

Twitter founders step back from company to relaunch tech incubator

Twitter founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams are planning to revive Obvious - the technology incubator that led to the creation of Twitter.

MasterCard website briefly downed by hacktivists

A hacktivist and an unknown number of accomplices managed to briefly knock MasterCard's website offline in a DDoS attack earlier this morning. 

Olympians get permission to tweet away in 2012

In 2012, athletes at the London Olympics will be able to blog and comment on Twitter. They just better not do it for money.

Will Twitter insert ads into social feeds?

Twitter is reportedly mulling plans to integrate promoted tweets directly into its feeds. If implemented, you probably won’t have to follow a particular brand or user to see a paid-for, promoted tweet in your feed.

The Lulz Boat sails on unscathed

Lulz Security has denied that a senior member of the hacking group was arrested by UK law enforcement officials.

Politicians take a break from Twitter after Weinergate

In the wake of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) nudie pic scandal on Twitter, tweeting seems to have dropped significantly amongst lawmakers in America.

Twitter launches its own URL shortener

Twitter has finally solved one of its biggest problems.

Sina Weibo wants to challenge Twitter

Sina Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter, is "actively preparing" to launch an English version of its popular microblogging platform by the end of 2011.

France bans on-air mentions of Facebook and Twitter

French broadcast media are to be prevented from mentioning Facebook or Twitter on air - even to direct their viewers to their own sites.

"Facebook" & "Twitter" no longer welcome on French airwaves

The French have banned the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" on TV and radio.

Shaq announces NBA retirement on Twitter

Instead of issuing a press release or holding a media briefing, Shaquille O'Neal announced his retirement from the NBA through Twitter.

Who needs the cops when you've got Twitter instead?

An Oakland man whose laptop was stolen in March has finally got it back - courtesy of Twitter.

Twitter+search+pictures = ?

Twitter is rolling out advanced photo search capabilities. The idea is to create a richer search experience within the social networking site itself so users aren't tempted to go elsewhere to find what they are looking for.