Moscow suicide bombing reverberates on the 'Net

Just minutes after a suicide bomber killed 35 people at Moscow's Domodedovo airport, Twitter users posted mobile video phone footage of victims lying on the floor as thick smoked filled the air and a fire burned along one wall. Twitter virus strikes again

Kind of like a pest that won’t go away, another virus is running rampant across Twitter, powered by the URL shortener.

LivingSocial sells $20m in discounted Amazon cards

In the span of less than 24 hours, more than $26 million has been snatched up in gift cards, courtesy of a leading online coupon destination.

Facebook and Twitter help spur political change in Tunisia

After years of unpopular rule, Tunisia's President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has been ousted from power. 

Celebrations took shape in all forms, including parties, riots in the street, and of course on Twitter and Facebook.

Social media could have been used more effectively to aid Haiti

Exactly one year after the earthquake that left 230,000 of Haiti's population dead and millions more homeless, researchers are analyzing the effectiveness of various social media tools deployed in the disaster's aftermath.

Twitter ordered to hand over Wikileaks account information

The Department of Justice has served Twitter with a subpoena seeking detiled information on the accounts of Julian Assange and other Wikileaks members and supporters.

Tweeting with a local accent

Regional dialects are alive and well on Twitter, say researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science.

Giving up media causes withdrawal symptoms

Coming off email, Facebook and Twitter is like giving up drugs, a study has found.

Social networkers get choosy

2010 was a year chock full of social networking competition. From Facebook’s meteoric rise to number one, to the popularity of picture sharing sites and Twitter, it seems like almost everyone is a member of at least one social networking site.

Facebook surpasses Google as the Internet's top dog

According to reports, Facebook has managed to claim the Internet's top spot as most popular site online, finally pulling ahead of the long reigning champion, Google.

Apple says no to WikiLeaks

If this month wasn't already bad enough for WikiLeaks, things may have just gotten worse for the controversial organization. 

England's top judge approves tweeting in court

England's Lord Chief Justice, the appropriately named Lord Judge, has ruled that tweeting should be allowed in court.

ISP's Twitter competition hijacked by protesters

A competition launched by Vodafone - the UK ISP that owns 45 percent of Verizon - caused red faces over the weekend as it was used to protest about the company's tax practices.

Twitter denies suppressing #wikileaks

With companies falling over themselves to distance themselves from Wikileaks, there's been a lot of talk in the blogosphere over the last 24 hours about why Wikileaks has been failing to trend on Twitter - after all, it's probably one of the most widespread subjects of discussion on Earth right now. worm plagues Twitter

A Twitter worm is burrowing through the popular social networking site - affecting mobile users who click on shortened links ending in "od0az" or "R7f68."

Lady Gaga swears off social networking

Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and other celebrities are swearing off Twitter and Facebook to raise money for an AIDS charity.

State Department all a-Twitter over WikiLeaks

The US State Department (aka the Foggy Bottom) is all a-Twitter over the imminent release of approximately three million classified documents obtained by WikiLeaks.

Twitter outrage as bomb joker loses appeal

A British man convicted of 'menace' after jokingly tweeting that he planned to blow up an airport has lost his appeal, sparking a massive 'I am Spartacus' campaign.

Apple's Ping gains Twitter integration

Apple's Ping - described at its September launch as the social network of music - has now been integrated into Twitter.

Claim: Female Googler sexually assaulted by Twitter engineer

A female Googler has accused a Twitter engineer of sexually assaulting her during an ApacheCon after-party.