Charlie Sheen's wild Twitter ride

While Charlie Sheen is grabbing the headlines searching for Two and Half Men, he somehow found two goddesses and an account on Twitter.

Was Ashton Kutcher's Twitter hack a publicity stunt?

Alleged fame-whore and Twitter celeb Ashton Kutcher is fighting for his space on the corner these days because there’s a new man in town: Charlie Sheen.

Twitter says no to IPO

A rumor about Twitter going public was squashed today by co-founder Biz Stone who insisted the social networking site was primarily focused on making money.

Are Charlie Sheen's TwitPics worth $1600?

Charlie Sheen is officially on Twitter mostly because he is "tired of pretending [he’s] not a bit**ing rockstar from Mars." Me too Sheen, me too.

Twitter bullish on small advertisers

Harnessing the power of Twitter for advertising is one of the holy grails of modern marketing. But does anyone know how? 

Twitter plagued by rogue Tweeter app

Yet another rogue application is plaguing Twitter as thousands of users have been unceremoniously duped into clicking a malicious link.

Charlie Sheen joins Twitter. Winning!

Not content with all the media coverage he has been receiving for the last few days, Charlie Sheen is looking to get his word out directly to the world, thanks to his newly formed Twitter account.

Twitter struggles with viable advertising model

Twitter, the social networking site often mentioned alongside Facebook, has a fairly new business model when it comes to advertising. Last year, the company introduced its paid advertising model, "Promoted Tweets," and less than a year later, the company is playing it down.

Yes, that Tweet was wicked fake

Sure, faking a screamin’ Tweet or posting a phony status update may not be as bad as well (*ahem*), faking other things. And as you may have guessed, there are legions of people who are more than ready to do so to boost their collective online images.

Twitter reinstates banned UberMedia apps

Twitter engaged in a little show of strength over the weekend, first suspending UberTwitter, Twidroid and UberCurrent - and then reinstating them.

Not a joke anymore: RoboCop statue to be built in Detroit

It’s a good day to be a geek in Detroit. It only took six days of online fundraising to bring a RoboCop statue to the Motor City.

Judge hears arguments over release of Wikileaks' Twitter records

The US Justice Department appeared in an Alexandria Federal Court yesterday to defend demands for the Twitter records of three associates of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Will Facebook buy Twitter?

Last week, rumors about Google or Facebook buying Twitter were swirling around the murky ether of the Internet. The rumor, originally reported by the Wall Street Journal, was rebuffed by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Physicians acting unprofessionally on Twitter, says report

Be wary of tweeting physicians, warns a new study, which says that many are behaving unprofessionally.

Twitter update hits Android

Android users can nod download a new version of everyone's favorite microblogging site, offering new feature seen for the first time in the mobile app.

Google and Facebook talk Twitter

Executives at Google and Facebook are reportedly engaged in "low-level talks" with Twitter about a possible acquisition of the micro blogging site.

Extortionist Twitter demands massive tax breaks

Twitter is demanding an eight year local tax break - or else. That's right, the company is threatening to ditch the city of San Francisco for Brisbane if it doesn't receive special treatment.

Audi to launch R8 commercial with Twitter hashtag

We all know that the Super Bowl is about so much more than bean dip and football: the commercials.

Old tech lets Egyptians' voices be heard

Google and Twitter have come up with a way to let Egyptians tweet despite the country's internet shut-down.

Casual Twitter users drifting away

While big Twitter fans are spending more time on on the site, many US users are abandoning it or using it increasingly rarely.