When Metal Broke Through to the Mainstream

If Green Day’s Dookie album turning twenty doesn’t make you feel old, this definitely will…Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry album, featuring the legendary anthem “We’re Not Going to Take It,” is about to turn thirty years old.

The ballad of Twisted Sister

In the early days of being a card carrying metalhead, I was a big fan of Twisted Sister, and I’m not ashamed to admit I still dig the band today. 

Why MTV used to rock

Although I haven’t watched it in many years, I look back on the early days of MTV fondly, and was surprised to see it hitting its 30th anniversary this month.  

When Metallica broke out of the Metal underground

When KJ Doughton headed up Metallica's fan club, and volunteered to help spread the word, who could have predicted the band would have become as big as they did?