Hunger Games book sales rivaling Twilight

It's no surprise Hunger Games had an enormous opening weekend at the box office, although still not the biggest of all time. 

The Host teaser looks into your eyes

Chockstone Pictures has released the first teaser trailer for its upcoming young adult fantasy film The Host.

Camping out for The Hunger Games

It’s now a mere two weeks before The Hunger Games hits theaters, which means the hype machine’s really going into overdrive. 

On the new wave of vampire flicks

Love it or hate it, Twilight and True Blood have made vampires the hot monsters, although they’re certainly not traditional bloodsuckers in the classic Dracula vein (pun intended). 

The Hunger Games is already a winner

You knew this wouldn’t take long. The first day tickets for The Hunger Games went on sale a month before the film’s release date, and it’s already breaking records. 

Fantasy Night Circus coming to the silver screen

Summit Entertainment acquired the rights to adapt The Night Circus - a young adult fantasy novel - about a year ago.

Director Bill Condon talks Twilight

While I'm not exactly a huge Twilight enthusiast, I do find it interesting that the latest films were helmed by a terrific director, Bill Condon, who also headed up the big screen version of Dreamgirls.

Stephenie Meyer’s The Host nears start date

Stephenie Meyer isn’t only known for Twilight, she’s also written another book called The Host - a sci-fi novel about an alien race known as the Souls which takes over the Earth and its inhabitants.

Cooking for Twilight fans and metalheads

Love it or hate it, Twilight's not going away any time soon. The latest Twilight flick, Breaking Dawn Part 1, made $500 million world-wide within a twelve day period, saving the box office from a months long slump.

Is Hollywood threatened by video games?

The world of video games can best be described as somewhat manic depressive. One day it's going like gangbusters, and the next it's fallen off a jagged precipice into a downward spiral. 

On The Hunger Games and Twilight

Funny thing about The Hunger Games. For a book that's sold twelve million copies, I hadn't heard of it, and several acquaintances I've asked haven't heard of it, nor read it either.

On the bites and brothers in Teen Wolf

Over the weekend, MTV debuted its new supernatural teen drama series, Teen Wolf. It wasn’t as bad as a expected.

Fox casts Pattinson as Daredevil, makes biggest mistake in comic book adaptation history

The new Daredevil movie has found a star, and it means that no one will want to see the movie.

No 3D for next Twilight

Even though star Kristen Stewart has gone on record saying she wants the next Twilight movie to be shot in 3D, the film's production company has spoken out saying it won't be done.

'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart wants to be in 3D

Kristen Stewart, or as millions of hardcore geeky fans know her, Bella Swan, wants the next and final installment in the Twilight movie series to be presented in 3D.