Divergent is Tracking Huge

While we’re not eager about the upcoming movie Divergent, which we like to call “Hunger Games Lite” here at TGD, there is a big fan base for the books, and according to reports, there’s a huge groundswell of people looking forward to seeing it at the movies.

Fans of Hunger Games and Twilight Don't Mix

The next installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, opens today, and the box office pundits predict it could end up making $160 million this weekend. You may not be nuts about the Hunger Games, but thank God it replaced Twilight as the hot young adult property.

Is Marvel In Danger of Being Contaminated By Twilight?

It’s been all over the news that Netflix is launching several series based on Marvel characters: Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones. While Daredevil may be without fear, our hackles came up with we found out there may be a Twilight connection with Melissa Rosenberg.

Will Ender's Game Continue? Or, did Orson Scott kill the franchise?

While it got pretty good reviews, Ender’s Game didn’t open to the big box office many had hoped for, and it looks like the saga will pretty much end here. Or will it?

Twilight Is over, but the hate continues...

While I’m nowhere near as riled up about Twilight as many of the haters, the fact that so many people live to hate it is amusing.

Warm Bodies thankfully not Zombie Twilight

Teen zombie romance? Sure, why not, right? As long as it’s nothing like Twilight, we’re in good shape, and thankfully the upcoming comedy Warm Bodies isn’t anywhere near that teen vampire romance that’s finally over and done with.

Hunger Games - the reality show

Fans of The Hunger Games should have the franchise on the big screen for at least two more years.

The Host trailer gets taken over

Open Road films has released the first full-length trailer for its upcoming fantasy film.

Are there too many Hunger Games out there?

No, we’re not saying three Hunger Games books, or four Hunger Games movies, are too much.

On the Twilight computer curse

Who's sick and tired of Twilight? Actually, the question should be who isn't sick and tired of the Twilight series. 

Let's hope there's no reboot, or a new series of books based on the characters when the frachise finally finishes up.

The genre films of late 2012

Summer may be coming to a close in a few weeks, but genre fans won’t be disappointed by Hollywood’s Fall lineup.

Hotel Transylvania trailer stops in uninvited

Sony Pictures Animation has released its first full-length trailer for the upcoming CGI monster comedy, Hotel Transylvania.

Vampire Hunter is no Twilight

While zombies may soon be reaching their peak in pop culture, vampires are indeed still going strong, and one needs to look no further than Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

New Twilight: Breaking Dawn trailer goes live

Summit has released the first full-length trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

The lure of vampires

As we've often mention here on TG, without trying to overstate the obvious, vampires, along with zombies, are hot monsters right about now.

The Host featurette explores the cave

MTV has posted an interview featurette for Chockstone Pictures’ upcoming young adult fantasy film, The Host.

Hunger Games is coming to Blu-ray and DVD

We've see the fans of Twilight, or the Twi-hards as they're called, line up at the local Best Buy at midnight for the home video release of the teen vampire flicks.

Welcome to Twilight - the religion

We all know Star Wars fans take the Force quite seriously, with some even defining their Jedi beliefs as a full-fledged religion.

Please don't compare Dark Shadows to Twilight

I try very hard not to invoke Twilight if at all possible.

A kooky Twilight memorabilia auction

Attention Twihards. Who wants to buy a pillow used in the movie? It will only set you back 3 Gs, but what's a few thousand dollars when you can have an actual piece of the movie.