1-in-5 tweets divulge user location

#doyouknowwhoswatchingyou? A new study from USC researchers sampled more than 15 million tweets, showing that some Twitter users may be inadvertently revealing their location through updates on the social media channel.

Thousands of censors delete China's tweets

Chinese censors work very, very quickly, it seems, with a new report concluding that they're getting rid of unwanted posts on local Twitter clone Weibo almost immediately.

Tweets say Hawaii is happiest state

Napa, California, is the US' happiest city, and Hawaii its happiest state. That's the conclusion of a research study from the University of Vermont, on the basis of the content of 10 million geotagged tweets.

Shift to Ruby helped Twitter survive election night

People sent more than 31 million election-related tweets on Tuesday, says Twitter - and the Fail Whale was nowhere to be seen.

Twitter resists handing over user records

Twitter is standing up for one of its users and challenging a court order to hand over his data.

All your tweets are belong to us

A New York judge has ruled that prosecutors aren't required to obtain a subpoena for deleted tweets, as they are considered public information owned by a third party. 

Prosecutors demand Occupy tweets

New York City prosecutors have once again subpoenaed the Twitter records of an Occupy Wall Street protester who was arrested in October 2011 during a mass demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Twitter sells your old tweets - location and all

It might be time to start deleting those old tweets - because they're up for sale.

Joss Whedon tweets The Avengers

Thanks to Buffy and Serenity, Joss Whedon is geek royalty, and he's a huge superhero fan as well.

Quarter of tweets 'not worth reading'

A quarter? Seriously, only a quarter? But that's the proportion of tweets that Twitter users say are a waste of time.

Prosecutors subpoena Occupy tweets

New York City prosecutors have subpoenaed the Twitter records of an Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protestor arrested in October during a demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Twitter reveals new censorship plans

Twitter's announced that it can now selectively delete tweets in particular countries, allowing it to comply with individual censorship regimes while leaving offending tweets visible in the rest of the world.

Twitter study shows we're getting more miserable

We may be richer, but we're more miserable, according to an analysis of tweets over the last three years.

Egypt is this year's top Twitter hashtag

This year, the world was most interested in Egypt and Charlie Sheen, according to Twitter's annual report on the top trending hashtags.

Bird's Eye app offers map-based view of the Twitterverse

Have you ever looked at people working their phones and wondered if they were tweeting about you or the people around you? 

Will Twitter insert ads into social feeds?

Twitter is reportedly mulling plans to integrate promoted tweets directly into its feeds. If implemented, you probably won’t have to follow a particular brand or user to see a paid-for, promoted tweet in your feed.

Kuwaiti man arrested for anti-Saudi tweets

A prolific tweeter who expressed frequent criticism of both the Bahraini and Saudi royal families has been detained in Kuwait.

Apple called out for being "least green" tech company

Apple likes to make everyone think that one of its main concerns is the company's impact on the environment. That might not be true.

Twitter analysis predicts stock prices a day ahead

Playing the stock market just got a little easier, thanks to economists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) who have developed a website that predicts individual stock trends.

Celebrity tweets carry more weight than newspapers

Move over, the New York Times - an analysis of Twitter trends has shown that celebrities often have more influence on peoples' opinions on big news stories than major news organizations.