TV gives you diabetes and heart disease

Stay away from that television - it could kill you. While you might think there's no harm in checking out what the Kardashians are up to,  they could be giving you fatal diseases.

"Facebook" & "Twitter" no longer welcome on French airwaves

The French have banned the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" on TV and radio.

Angry Birds to arrive on Roku this summer

If playing Angry Birds on your phone, computer and tablet isn't enough, well, soon you'll be able to get your daily dose of the uber popular game on TV - courtesy of Roku's next-gen set-top box and a new controller.

Google rolls out Android Honeycomb 3.1

Google is rolling out the first major update to its tablet-specific operating system.

VH1 launches Co-Star iPad app

VH1 has launched Co-Star, an iPad app designed to engage viewers in online conversation about their favorite TV shows like Mob Wives, Saddle Ranch and Audrina.

Think you can multi-task? You can't, say researchers

People who think they can multitask by concentrating on their television as well as their PC are fooling themselves, new research finds.

Is Apple building a 50-inch TV?

A recent $3.9 billion investment in display technology and related components may indicate that Apple is preparing to launch a television up to 50 inches in size.

Does MTV's "Skins" show too much?

Just as soon as "Skins" is imported to the U.S. from England, American parents start to protest, urging the Senate to investigate child pornography charges.

TV and PCs highly harmful to heart health

Four hours' screen time a day more than doubles the risk of a heart attack, according to scientists at University College London.

Sony wants rollable large-screen OLED TVs

Sony is currently working to develop a lineup of rollable, large-screen OLED television sets.

Logitech insists Revue production remains on track

Logitech has denied reports that Google asked it to halt production of the Revue box until pending software "issues" were addressed.

Don’t like 3D glasses? Well, get over it!

About 64% of the people in the US wear eyeglasses, over half of all women and approximately 42% of men. 

Apple TV gets torn down and dissected

Apple’s latest set top-box has been torn down, disassembled and dissected by the talented iFixIt crew.

Hulu Plus comes to Roku and Tivo

Hulu's premium subscription service, Hulu Plus, is to be made available on Roku and TiVo Premiere devices later this year.

Report: Developers prefer versatile Android for next-gen devices

A recent survey jointly conducted by Appcelerator and IDC indicates that (Titanium) developers favor Android over iOS for next-gen TVs and other embedded devices.

Ivi sues TV networks before the networks sue ivi

Ivi TV has decided to get its retaliation in first, and is suing several major broadcasters to assert its right to broadcast their content without formal agreements.

Samsung hints at Android TV as Lava's hits the streets

Samsung may be working on an Android-powered TV, if hints from the company's TV boss are to be believed.

Can Apple conquer the American living room?

Apple currently dominates the MP3 market and has successfully wooed the masses with its shiny lineup of iPhones. But is Steve Jobs ready to conquer American living rooms with his next-gen Apple TV?

Apple debuts next-gen TV for $99

Apple has debuted a redesigned set-top box at a sweet $99 price point.

What will Apple unveil on September 1?

Apple is clearly planning something big for September 1st. But what will Steve Jobs unveil during his anticipated keynote address in San Francisco, California?