Lego Serenity pays tribute to Firefly

We obviously get all giddy around here when a geek builds something truly momentous and amazing out of ordinary Lego bricks.

The splits of Alphas

The new season of Alphas is off to a strong start.

The next big sci-fi series?

Horror is difficult to do well on TV. Many horror shows have been canceled, including this year's The River, despite relatively positive reviews.

Are The Avengers headed to TV?

Superheroes have proven their mettle at the box office, now how about on TV? 

Celebrating the TV holiday marathon

As regular readers of TG know, we're big fans of the Twilight Zone and its creator Rod Serling.

Yes, mobile integration is critical to the set-top box market

Smart set-top boxes typically attract less attention than other connected CE devices such as TVs and game consoles.

Judge allows Aereo to keep streaming service open

Aereo, which has been streaming a broadcast TV to New York subscribers, has had a victory in court, with a judge refusing to grant a preliminary injunction shutting the service down.

Behind the mysteries of Falling Skies

I'm huge fan of the TNT science fiction series Falling Skies which is finally back on the air and even better than before.

Inspector SpaceTime trailer spoofs Doctor Who

If you've ever watched the NBC TV show Community, you probably recall the episode when Inspector SpaceTime made his debut.

Vizio rolls out XVT Cinemawide 21:9 aspect ratio TV

Hollywood studios typically use a 2.35:1 aspect ratio for most major movies. What does that mean for you?

Barbarella headed to a TV near you

As we recently reported, Barbarella, the late 60's sci fi classic starring Jane Fonda, is finally seeing a Blu-Ray release. 

Sharp offers world's first 90-inch LED TV

Sharp has set a new world record.

Rumor: Foxconn ready to build Apple HDTV

Apple rumors never die, and speculation about a potential Apple HDTV have been making the rounds for well over a year.

Game of Thrones on track to be the most pirated TV show of 2012

The Game of Thrones is probably on of most popular original series HBO has ever produced.

TV towers killing millions of birds

Almost seven million birds are killed by communications towers every year as they migrate from the United States and Canada to Central and South America.

New process promises cheap, flexible electronics

Televisions as thin and flexible as a sheet of paper could be on the way, thanks to a new technique for printing electronics.

These Star Trek captains are on the bridge

What is one of the oldest geek arguments of modern Star Trek lore? Naming your favorite captain of the Enterprise, of course!

IKEA touts first television set

IKEA is typically thought of as reasonably priced furniture outlet where one can buy a variety of household items including desks, bookcases, tables and chairs.

How Doctor Who loses The Ponds

The current companions of The Doctor are slated to leave several episodes into the new season of Doctor Who this fall.

Apple's iPanel is far more than a TV

An industry analyst believes Apple's long-awaited television will launch in the fourth quarter of 2012.