This GOsingGO Android TV Stick has an Ethernet port

GoSingGo has debuted an Android-powered TV stick equipped with an Ethernet port, making it easy to plug the device directly into a television's HDMI port to run apps and games.

This Android TV stick has a dual-antenna setup

The $71 DMN918 Android PC-on-a-stick is equipped with two WiFi antennas and a Rockchip RK3188 ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core processor.

Finless ROM goes live for MK908 Android PC-on-a-stick

One of the things about Android that really appeals to techies and mainstream users is the open-nature of Google's operating system and related devices, at least in certain instances. 

KDDI AU Smart TV Android-powered TV stick rocks a TI OMAP 4430 processor

One of the busiest segments of the Android market is TV/PCs-on-a-stick, with a variety of devices constantly rolling out from various overseas manufacturers.

iMito QX1 is a quad-core Android TV stick with an external WiFi antenna

One of the biggest drawbacks to many of the Android-powered TV sticks currently on the market is poor Wi-Fi performance.

UB4 Android TV stick packs quad-core power

The Measy U4B is fitted with both a quad-core processor and $100 price tag.

Android Jelly Bean with an external Wi-Fi antenna

Most Android-powered PCs-on-a-stick lack an external antenna, meaning Wi-Fi connectivity can be significantly hampered.