The dynamics of Alphas

The first season of Syfy’s most popular show has come to an end with a remarkable cliffhanger.

The beginning of The Fades

The first episode of The Fades recently aired on the BBC Three. It’s a supernatural mystery series which focuses on a young man, Paul, who can see into the world of the dead.

The launchpads of Eureka

Eureka’s second to last season has come to a twisty close.

The ricochets of Alphas

We're quickly approaching the end of the first season of Alphas, and the show has not yet disappointed.

The end of Torchwood: Miracle Day

The shortened season four of Torchwood is at an end, and the mystery of the Miracle Day is solved.

The speeches of Thor & Loki

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers is a five episode mini-series adaptation of the graphic novel Loki.

The tools of Doctor Who

The last couple episodes of Doctor Who have been a welcome change.

The children of Thundercats

Thundercats is just a few episodes in, but the show is likely losing most of its adult audience. It’s a great shame because the new series started out so well.

The mortality of Torchwood: Miracle Day

We’re just a couple episodes away from the end of Miracle Day, and the clues seem like they are finally coming together.

The war crimes of Doctor Who

Yes, I had issues with the mid-season finale of Doctor Who a few months ago because the show spent half a season building up to a conflict that was resolved too quickly and neatly in just a single episode.

The heroes of Alphas

Alphas is actually exceeding expectations.

Is Eureka still worth watching?

Now that Eureka's days are numbered, is the show worth watching?

The poisons of Torchwood: Miracle Day

We’ve now seen four of the ten-episode mini-season of Torchwood, Torchwood: Miracle Day. The plot is being revealed at a good pace, and the villains are even beginning to emerge.

The paws of ThunderCats

The new ThunderCats adaptation premiered this past weekend on the Cartoon Network. It’s taken the story of the original ThunderCats and modernized it with some changes.

The cubs of Voltron Force

The new Voltron series has got eight episodes under its belt, and after a slow start, is a fun homage to the original.

The swords and stars of Conan the Adventurer

Just in time for all of the hype around the upcoming Conan film, Shout! Factory is releasing the first season of Conan the Adventurer on DVD.

The chemistry of Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is an excellent teen horror drama, but it’s obviously not perfect.

The return in the return of Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13’s new season premiered this past week, and while the show is still on track as one of the best sci-fi series on television, this particular resolution was a bit disappointing.

The paradoxes of Eureka

The season premier of Eureka hit earlier this week. It opened, of course with the narration of what’s been going on lately in the show, and I realized that this time-travel screw-up sub-plot has been going on for a very long time.

The powers and people of Alphas

This week marked the premier of Syfy’s newest serial, Alphas. It has the usual pilot kinks, which need to be worked out, but definitely boasts the makings of a great story at its core.