'Forgotten' meteor caused mega-tsunami

A huge meteor which slammed into the southern Pacific Ocean about 2.5 million years ago generated tsunamis hundreds of meters high, and may have destablilized the entire planet's climate system.

Severity of Japanese tsunami explained

Scientists at Cambridge University say they've worked out why the tsunami that devastated Japan in March 2011 was so much larger than expected.

Off-grid ‘Tornado House’ protects inhabitants from Nature’s fury

Climate change is already having real and unprecedented impacts on our global environment.

Volcanic activity detected on Greek island

The volcanic Greek island of Santorini - named by the BBC as the world's best island last year - appears to be working up to an eruption, its first for over 60 years.

Two merging tsunamis caused Japanese devastation

The tidal wave that hit Japan in March was formed by two separate tsunamis, in a phenomenon that had been theorized but never before observed.

Huge mass of tsunami debris headed for US West Coast

Millions of tons of debris from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March is headed for the West Coast of the US.

Toyota Prius V gets new sales date

Automaker Toyota has announced a new on-sale date for its new Prius V. 
We first noted the vehicle’s specifications at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, originally planned to become available later this summer.

Japan disaster shakes Toyota green car plans

Toyota announced a series of production date changes following the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in early March.

Tsunami warning system completed

Six years after the Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the  German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS) is finally up and running.

NASA prototype successfully predicts tsunami

In the wake of February's earthquake in Chile, a NASA-led team successfully tested elements of a prototype tsunami prediction system.