TSMC wants 20nm Apple chips

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is reportedly investing $700 million in 20-nanometer chip technology to prepare for a possible deal with Apple in 2014.

TSMC struggles with 28nm

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is reportedly experiencing issues with its 28nm foundry capacity which has fallen "drastically short of demand."

Report: TSMC ready for new Apple chips

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is reportedly in the running to fab Apple’s next-gen ARM-based processors, which include the indigenously designed A6 and A7 chips.

Is TSMC having trouble with 28nm?

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is reportedly experiencing difficulties with its 28nm manufacturing process technologies.

Industry cautious over 28nm discrete GPUs

The graphics industry has reportedly adopted a "conservative attitude" towards next-gen GPUs manufactured on TSMC’s 28nm technology. 

TSMC tapes out 20nm ARM Cortex-A15 processor

TSMC has taped out the first 20nm ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore processor.

Samsung to supply A6 chips for next-gen iPhone

Samsung is expected to supply Apple with A6 chips for its next-gen iPhone and iPad - despite an ongoing patent war between the two industry heavyweights.

Report: Apple’s A6 processor to debut in 2012

A new report confirms that TSMC has kicked off trial production of Apple's A6 processor. The indigenously designed ARM-based chip is slated to power future iterations of the iPad and iPhone in 2012. 

Report: TSMC taping out Apple A6 chips

The Taiwanese-based TSMC has reportedly kicked off trial production of Apple's next-gen A6 SoC.

Is Apple ditching Samsung for TSMC?

It seems as if Apple may be preparing to ditch Samsung for TSMC, as Cupertino will likely tap the latter company to build its next-gen A6 SoC in 2012.

Tilera wants to take on Intel with TILE-Gx processors

Tilera has announced a new 64-bit processor series for cloud datacenters that offers up to 10x the performance per-watt of Intel's Sandy Bridge chipset.

Chip Wars: Foundries battle for silicon supremacy

As foundries across the globe battle for silicon supremacy, it seems as if there may only be three remaining sources for high-volume, leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing by the end of 2011.