TSA humiliates cancer survivor, shows idiocy

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), or as I heard it called in a bathroom stall, the Tyrannical Sex crime Administration, is trying to dehumanize every group of people in America. Their latest victim is a cancer survivor and the blue gloved goons left him covered in urine.

Want to protect your junk from the TSA?

Worried about protecting your junk from over-eager TSA agents this holiday season?

Raging Republican wants over-eager TSA agents shipped to Mexican border

The incoming chairman of the Republican Governors Association recently proposed transferring over-eager TSA agents to the Mexican border.

New bill aims to eliminate TSA scanning, groping

Americans are getting fed up with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) molesting and x-raying travelers.

Now TSA wants senators patted down...

TSA chief John Pistole wants to bring airport screeners to Capitol Hill so senators can "fully understand" how controversial and unpopular pat-downs are conducted.

TSA groping hits new lows

A TSA agent recently told an airline passenger that he had to "go into" his waistband and put a hand "down [his] pants."

Callous TSA refuses to back down over airport screenings

It seems as if the callous Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could care less about your concerns over intrusive "security" screenings at US airports. 

Opinion: More people should opt out of TSA scanners

The president of the Allied Pilots Association is urging to pilots to opt out of the naked body scanners, which are also known as Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT). This mass opposition to TSA porno scanners is one of the first steps in the right direction.

Feds block "controversial" websites

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has reportedly blocked access to certain websites from the federal agency's computers.

The government releases mobile apps

Want to check TSA wait times, product recalls, or hydrogen fuel locations? Thanks to our government, there are now apps for that.