X-ray scanners withdrawn from US airports

The Transportation Security Administration has given up and announced that it will no longer be using some controversial body scanners at US airports, as software developers have been unable to make the images any less revealing.

TSA barcode flaw could let terrorists bypass security

A vulnerability in the system for US domestic airline boarding cards could tell terrorists when it's safe to take unauthorized items on board.

TSA detains US Senator for refusing pat-down

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials briefly detained Senator Rand Paul in Nashville, Tennessee after he refused to submit to a invasive airport pat-down. 

TSA eyes Christmas present inspections

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will not be securing any holiday cheer this Christmas.

TSA moves to less-revealing body scans

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is now rolling out new software nationwide that gives far less revealing body scanner images.

Congress slams TSA over security breaches

It seems like us civilians aren't the only people who have a problem with the TSA and airport security as of late.

TSA claims "most stringent" bomb detection in the world

The TSA has rebuffed allegations it is falling behind on implementing new standards for bomb detection adopted in 2010.

TSA warns bombs can be implanted into bodies

Hmm. I wish I could say I didn't see this one coming, I really do. But I suppose it is the next logical step for would-be terrorists intent on blowing up airplanes. 

TSA 'ignored warnings' on cancer cluster

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) says it's got evidence that the Department of Homeland Security has failed to properly evaluate the level of risk from airport body scanners.

Texas profits off airport property seizures

In Texas one person’s seized property is another person’s treasure. That’s because the Texas State Surplus Store makes a lot of money selling items that were confiscated at airports.  

Airlines eye biometric checkpoints

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently showcased a next-gen security "checkpoint" featuring eye scanners and high-tech tunnels equipped with advanced sensors.

GOP blocks funding for airport body scanners

It seems as if the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) won’t be getting any cash to buy additional airport body scanners in 2012.

Experts warn of cancer risk from airport security scanners

The backscatter X-ray scanners being used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in airports security checkpoints could represent a risk to health, say researchers.

Opinion: DHS, TSA plans for massive increase in surveillance go too far

The US Department of Homeland security is planning a massive increase in the amount of covert surveillance it conducts on civilians.

New TSA scanner protects passengers' modesty

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has caved in to public outcry about its intrusive body scanners, and developed new software that affords paseengers a little more privacy.

Rebel YouTube pilot angers TSA, reveals identity

The anonymous airline pilot who was punished by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for posting videos on YouTube pointing out what he believes are serious flaws in airport security is back in the news.

TSA has no system to test its body-scanners

Lots of experts doubt whether the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) backscatter porno scanner machines are safe. According to Boing Boing, the skeptics may be right because the TSA has no way to test its scanners.

Report: Full body scans fail to detect PETN explosives

A recently published report confirms that full body "backscatter" scanners employed by the TSA are incapable of detecting certain types of PETN-based explosives taped to the human body.

Unmanned drone gets up close and personal in NYC

While the TSA was busy patting down all of New York at the airport, an unmanned remote control plane circled lower Manhattan, including the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. 

TSA is now at bus stations, body scanners coming too?

If you were one of those people who thought you could get away from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) molestation and radiation by ditching the airport and taking the bus, you were wrong.