The origin of Tron

Like with many great films, the stories behind the scenes can be just as entertaining as the movies themselves. 

That summer of sci-fi

I can’t believe this much time has passed already, but one of the most incredible summers for genre movies is thirty years behind us now.

The digital edge of Tron

Harrison Ellenshaw comes from a legendary visual effects legacy, as his father Peter Ellenshaw created the special effects for many Disney classics.

Being a part of Team Star Wars

Working on the original 1977 Star Wars was undoubtedly an amazing experience, but how cool would it have been to be a part of both A New Hope and Tron?

Evolve revs Tron 'cycle

New York-based Evolve Motorcycles has been formerly known for its line of electric scooters. Odds are, after folks get a look at their two newest models, scooters won’t be the first thing they think of.

Tron and on

Having recently revisited Tron, I was very surprised by how much I still enjoyed it, because there's nothing worse than when a childhood favorite doesn't hold up in your adult years. 

A look at The Black Hole reboot

It's really quite difficult to keep track of all the Hollywood remakes that keep on piling up.

The future of Tron

At Disney's recent D23 conference, Bruce Boxleitner, who plays the part of the title character across the franchise, claimed there is a third Tron film in the works.

Tron: Uprising trailer is live

The new teaser for Disney’s upcoming CG series is up and live on the web.

TRON inspired concept Mercedes Benz FTW

There's nothing sicker than a sleek black Mercedes. OK, maybe the only thing would be a slick black TRON inspired Mercedes. At least, that's the idea behind Peter Vardai's new Mercedes inspired Blackbird concept car.

Playboy reboots Tron

If there's one thing that hardcore geeks like more than science fiction action movies, it's probably hot girls revving a futuristic motorcycle or lightcycle with reckless abandon.

Descendents Reunite to Headline Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin and more [Unplugging]

Welcome to this week's edition of Unplugging! It's been a positively huge week for news and we have all the biggest headlines for you happening all over the world of music.

New Tron video game will not feature Jeff Bridges

The upcoming Tron: Evolution video game, which is almost as anticipated as the Tron: Legacy movie it's based on, will feature a lot of the same voice talent as the theatrical talent line-up, but there's one notable absence.

Is 3D dying or maturing?

The 3D craze may have slowed to a virtual crawl, but one industry expert says the medium is evolving - not dying.

Comic-Con brings new video game details for geeks

If you're a geek, then you know what's going on this week. Comic-Con is the annual meeting of comic book and video game fans, and just nerds all around to San Diego. Here's a smattering of the video game news that's making headlines.

Street-legal Tron Lightcycle on sale

Toymaker Parker Brothers has created a limited edition of five Lightcycles - yup, the ones from Tron - and is selling them for $35,000 a pop on ebay.