The Master Designer of Elysium, Blade Runner, and Tron

Syd Mead may not be a household name, but among genre fans he’s a god, the man who designed Blade Runner, Tron, Aliens, and many other titles, leading up to Elysium. (Director Neill Blomkamp is a huge Mead fan, which is why he hired him on to design Elysium. Just imagine what he could have done for the Halo film that didn’t come together.) 

Will There Be a Sequel to Pacific Rim?

Despite the good word of mouth from people who’ve seen it, Pacific Rim hasn’t been doing well at the box office, at least not here. But it is apparently doing well foreign, which is crucial for a movie to break even. The overseas box office was so important to Pacific Rim, Warner Brothers made Guillermo Del Toro convert it to 3D, or China wouldn’t play it. 

Olivia Wilde talks Tron 3

Back in 1982 when Tron came out in theaters, there weren’t box office reports on the news. The general public usually didn’t know or care how much a movie made.

Tron 3 hits the neon afterburners

The classic franchise that spans three decades is still going strong.

Hedlund to reprise role in third TRON film

The upcoming sequel will continue the story of Flynn the younger.

Is Tron 3 on the way?

Although I wasn’t totally enamored with Tron: Legacy, I was very happy to see the franchise return after all these years.

Tron hits 30

It’s preaching to the converted, and we’ve preached long and loud about this many times, but the summer of 1982 was a hell of a time for genre fans.

A closer look at Comic-Con San Diego

With Comic-Con San Diego just around the corner, it’s easy to forget that comic books, comic book movies and toys were originally targeted at kids.

A look back at Carpenter's The Thing

Since we've already hit the first days of summer, it reminded me that thirty years ago we had a landmark season of genre cinema in 1982 with E.T., Tron, The Road Warrior, Star Trek II and Conan the Barbarian.

The Tron legacy continues

As readers of TG know, we're big fans of Tron, and I for one can still remember very fondly when I first saw it back in that magical genre summer of 1982. 

Boxleitner and Henriksen talk Tron

Disney's animated Tron: Uprising is set between the original 1982 film Tron and the 2010 sequel Tron: Legacy.

The revolution of TRON: Uprising

Disney’s new TRON serial doesn’t kick off until next month, but the entire first episode has gone live to hold us over until then.

TRON: Uprising sneak peek changes sides

Disney XD has released a new sneak peek for its upcoming animated adventure serial TRON: Uprising.

Preview for TRON: Uprising spurs the revolution

Disney has released a preview trailer for its upcoming animated adventure serial TRON: Uprising.

Trying to go beyond Tron

When Steven Lisberger was working on Soul Code, the second Tron film was also in development and finally reached the big screen in 2010.

The great sci-fi summer of ‘82

We’ve said it many times, but it always bears repeating... 1982 was the greatest year for genre movies, and it was a feast for film fans practically every week.

Sci-fi legend Moebius shuffles off this mortal coil

Jean Giraud (aka Moebius) has shuffled off this mortal coil at the age of 73 after a battle with cancer.

Evolve Xenon Tron light cycle hits the auction block

If you are serious about getting your hands on a replica Tron light 'cycle, well, you really should check out this ongoing auction hosted by CharityBuzz.

This Tron Light Cycle is street legal

It's really no surprise that the new Tron TV show will be putting a lot of focus on the vehicles.

On the making of Tron

As a writer, I've chronicled the making of a number of films, including Tron, a movie I still enjoy researching.