Video: Boonana pwns and owns three operating systems

The infamous (Koobface variant) trojan.osx.boonana.a was recently caught on video pwning and owning three operating systems.

Nefarious Mac OS X trojan spotted in the wild

SecureMac has positively identified a nefarious trojan horse that affects Mac OS X - including Snow Leopard (10.6) - the latest version of the popular operating system.

Feds bust international Zeus cybercrime ring

Federal and state officials have busted an international cybercrime ring allegedly responsible for stealing millions of dollars from US bank accounts.

Report: Trojan may have aided Madrid air crash

Authorities investigating a deadly 2008 Madrid air crash have discovered that a central (ground-based) computer system used to monitor technical problems on the aircraft was infected with Trojan horses.

Android Tapsnake trojan tracks your every move

Symantec has positively identified a stealth trojan hidden in a Tapsnake video game app for Android smartphones.

Kaspersky identifies rogue Android Trojan

Kapersky Lab has positively identified what it describes as the first Trojan-SMS designed to compromise Android smartphones.

"Clickjacking" worm infects Facebook

Security expert, Graham Cluley, discovers social-engineering trick that has attacked hundreds of thousands on Facebook.

Trojan blackmails Japanese porn-lovers

A new type of malware is humiliating porn-lovers in Japan by publishing their web history online and then blackmailing them.

Massive cyberattack hits systems worldwide

A new type of Trojan has attacked 750,000 computers around the world, affecting 2,500 companies and government agencies.

Rogue Russian Trojan kills rival

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, or should we say, horse eat horse, with security experts reporting that one particular Trojan program seems to have waged all-out war on its bigger competitor, wiping it off any machine it finds it on. This may sound like white-knight type behavior, but unfortunately for the end victim, the results are the same.