Windows 8 - damn impressive on an AMD homebuilt PC

This past weekend I built myself a new Windows 8 desktop computer and loaded up Microsoft's Office 13 preview.

AMD's Trinity APU overclocked to 7.3GHz

AMD's Trinity APU (A10-5800K) has been overclocked to 5.1GHz with air cooling - and beyond 7.3GHz using liquid nitrogen. 

Former AMD chip architect now at Apple

Former AMD chip architect John Bruno, who was heavily involved in designing the x86-based Trinity Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), is now a system architect at Apple.

AMD launches second-gen Trinity APUs

AMD has officially rolled out its next-generation Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). 

Intel rolls out Ivy Bridge processors

Intel is rolling out its first batch of Ivy Bridge processors, including 13 quad-core chips targeted at desktop computers. 

AMD picks up GPU share ahead of Trinity launch

An uptick in PC shipments - combined with potential share gains in the GPU segment - have improved AMD's position in the hyper competitive market.

The future of Fusion and Llano

Silicon Valley chip expert David Kanter says AMD has "clearly articulated" both a software and hardware roadmap for unified CPU-GPU computing that contains "all the right pieces."  

Are AMD and ARM joining forces?

A new report by tech guru Charlie Demerjian suggests that AMD and ARM may be teaming up to design a common on-chip interface and interconnect.

AMD showcases Trinity at Fusion Developer Summit

AMD showcased its upcoming Trinity APU today at the first annual Fusion Developer Summit in Bellevue, Washington.