Will a Legendary Star Trek Device Soon Become a Reality?

Trekkies everywhere are familiar with what’s called the tricorder, which could diagnose what was wrong with you as easily as scanning your groceries at the market. A lot of things we’ve seen in sci-fi movies and TV could become a reality some day, so is a real life tricorder on its way?

Lab-on-a-chip paves way for Star Trek tricorder

A device that sorts cells using acoustic waves could lead to the creation of miniature medical analytic devices that fit in a pocket.

Specs for DIY Linux-powered Star Trek tricorders hit the web

I was never all that crazy about the original Star Trek series, but I've seen every one of the movies and thoroughly enjoyed watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG).

Big step towards Tricorder medical scanner

Star Trek-style Tricorder medical scanners are a step closer to reality, say scientists, following the discovery of a new way of creating electromagnetic Terahertz waves - as currently used in full-body security scanners.

$10 million X Prize offered for Star Trek 'tricorder'

The X PRIZE Foundation, together with Qualcomm Foundation, has announced a new $10 million prize: for anyone that can come up with a Star Trek-style medical 'tricorder'.