New fossils push the origin of flowering plants back by 100 million years to the early Triassic

Flowering plants evolved from extinct plants related to conifers, ginkgos, cycads, and seed ferns. The oldest known fossils from flowering plants are pollen grains. These are small, robust and numerous and therefore fossilize more easily than leaves and flowers.

World's oldest dinosaur found in a drawer

Fossils discovered in the 1930s and kept in storage at London's Natural History Museum appear to belong to the earliest dinosaur ever found.

Oldest-ever bugs found preserved in amber

Three tiny creatures from the Triassic period are the oldest ever to be discovered preserved in amber - about 100 million years older than any other amber arthropod ever collected.

Triassic 'Kraken' may have created self-portrait

Back in the Triassic, giant octopi were killing and eating ichthyosaurs - and arranging their bones in pretty patterns, says a Mount Holyoke College paleontologist.