Google is getting personal, ads will target viewer's interests

Perhaps taking a cue from the recent Yahoo success, Google will also bring a personal advertising campaign to your browser. A tailored advertising frenzy will soon be provided to you free of charge by Google, based not only on the web sites you visit, but also from cookies Google will leave on your computer to aid in further refinement and a new plug-in which will make the data persistent -- though you will have some control over how much Google does this.

Lies, damn lies, and energy benchmarks

Analyst Opinion - When I was at a vendor event recently, the guys there were making a big deal about all of the power saving features their parts had achieved, indicating energy savings at the component level now exceed 70% over previous generations. These were desktop PC parts, and when I asked about the power savings at the wall I got the usual “we have no control over the inefficiencies of power supplies” answer, and then it struck me: With all those wonderful power saving parts at the component level, how many of them were completely eaten up by massively inefficient power supplies? The reality is this: People buying notebook and desktop PCs aren’t given anything but an occasional EnergyStar sticker (which doesn’t appear to mean much) to help them make energy smart choices. I believe it's well past time for something more.

Report: Social networking more popular than web-email

More individuals visit and utilize social networking websites and blogs rather than web based email, claims a report issued by Nielsen Online, a firm which tracks time spent online visiting different websites. This new data marks a change in the direction of the Internet and communication by its users.

UPDATED: PC shipments fall more in 2009, should recover in 2010

On Thursday, IDC updated its PC shipment forecast stating that shipments would decline much further in 2009 prior to gradually recovering in 2010. Computer manufacturers should expect shipments to decline by 4.5 percent in 2009, upgrading the forecast of 3.8 percent which was previously made in December. Over the next five years, the US market looks to decline and only increase by 3.4% overall, mostly in 2012 and 2013. However, the world-wide market looks to explode by over 50% increase between now and 2013, beginning an up-surge in 2010.

YouTube viewers in U.S. exceed 100 million for first time

With the inauguration, major awards shows, X-Games and other major events occurring recently it is no shock that users took to YouTube to catch up on things missed and to check out the videos they want to see again. It's even less surprising that YouTube has much to be excited about, as the company surpassed the 100 million viewer mark in the United States alone, making them the #3 most visited website on the Internet (and also #3 in U.S.), and #3 in most traffic, accounting for around 17% of all Internet traffic world-wide. This gives an idea as to the demand and growth of the online video industry.

Kindle shmindle

Analyst Opinion - Do you know anyone who owns an Amazon Kindle 2 ebook reader? Me neither. How’s about the original Kindle? Same thing. As much as I want to cheer for Amazon to do for ebooks what Apple did for music, I can’t get excited about the current state of the ebook reader art. Simply saying they’re too expensive is almost too easy. But the cheap geek in me can’t ignore the fact that $359 for a device that doesn’t do a whole lot beyond allow you to read is a pretty steep price when your average netbook or low-end laptop does infinitely more.

Complete list of 273 + 11 root domain names

An organization called IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) publishes a root zone database, which lists all top-level domains, such as .com, .org and .net. TGdaily has compiled this list into a reference chart which describes each domain, or its country of association. Typically commercial uses in other countries will be prefixed with ".com" or ".co", as in "" being a .com-like address for the United Kingdom. However, sometimes they go simply with their country's extension, as in Coca-Cola Canada (

UPDATED: The 100 oldest registered dot com, org, net, edu domains

Ever wonder what the oldest registered .com domain is on the Internet? After all, they haven't always existed. In fact, it was just 24 years ago this month that the oldest domain was registered. It was, owned by the Symbolics, Inc. company who, back in the day, was a leading software development firm with software projects designed back in the 1980s which appear very much like modern software designs seen today. For example, they had developed a fully object-oriented operating system called Genera, which today still exists as Open Genera, for Alpha CPUs. Their domain was registered on March 15, 1985 -- when the Internet was brand new. EXTRA: Slideshow

LED products: For African villages without electricity

In a project currently being introduced in Ghana, Phillips has entered into a partnership with KITE, a non-profit organization from Ghana, in an attempt to bring artificial light to villages lacking in electricity.

Italian priest asks youth to give up Facebook, iPods and texting for Lent

It's being reported that for 2009, the Bishop of Modena, in northern Italy, has asked young Italians to give up sending text messages on Fridays, as well as using Facebook and iPods. As an alternative to the traditional giving up of chocolate and other certain other foods or activities, the Italian priest is instead asking youthful members of the congregation to give up aspects of technology for Lent, meaning no text messaging (the average Italian posts 50 texts each month), no social networking, no music listening and mobile video watching. Other priests are asking older members to abstain from using their cars and playing video games, in addition to giving up Facebook, MP3 players and texting.

Apple gets another secret Intel processor

Opinion – You have to admit that there is a pattern. For the third time in two years, Apple announces a new computer with a processor that officially does not yet exist. Today it is the upcoming Xeon X5580 CPU with Nehalem-EP core. Does Apple get preferential treatment from Intel? Or is Apple simply Apple and does not care about non-disclosure agreements and the rest of the industry?

Time Warner's TV Anywhere: Web access without cable or satellite

In an interview with Advertising Age, Jeff Bewkes, chief executive of Time Warner discussed a concept the company has deemed TV Anywhere. The goal of the initiative is to start an industry wide revolution, taking back the cable industry and maintaining television networks simultaneously. "This is not just for the cable industry," he said. "It's about keeping the health of all these fantastic networks while making them available at no extra charge on the online platform."

Microsoft working on Bob 2.0? Meet Laura the talking head

I'm not sure how to write this story, so I'll just give you the details. Microsoft is working on a virtual talking head (with only a face and neck) which appears on your PC screen and serves as your personal lady-slave. Named Laura, she handles appointments, books airline flights, and is capable of some sophisticated decision-making abilities such as assessing your personal mood based on clothing choice and interactive nuances, at least according to Ashlee Vance of the New York Times. Let's hope Laura is not another Bob, and is not the beginning of a 1984-like Big Sister.

Research: Apple owns mobile web, Google rules mobile search

We have known iPhone accounts for the leading mobile web users, but now the first mobile web use survey ever has revealed just how much the iPhone leads Windows Mobile when it comes to surfing on the go. The numbers also show that Android should definitely be taken seriously -- especially when it overtakes Symbian's web use stats sometime later this month. And unlike Microsoft (who failed to extend its desktop dominance into the mobile market), Google has taken its lead as the desktop search engine nicely over into the mobile market, which now leads both -- and the latter by an obscenely large margin.

60% of world's population now has cell phone, highest ever

A U.N. report published today states that six in ten people (60%) of the world's population has a cell phone subscription. The driving growth trend is coming from poor, developing countries. This 60% figure is up from just under 15% in 2002.

China pushes Internet past 200 million websites

Netcraft’s most recent web server has discovered a huge jump in the number of websites. February added more than 16% (or 30 million) new websites to the bottom line. China is the main reason. The blogging service Qzone added more than 20 million websites alone and has become the largest blog site provider worldwide, easily surpassing Google’s Blogger and Microsoft’s Windows Live Spaces.

Vista market share climbs, Windows XP remains dominant OS

February turned out to be a good month for Microsoft, at least as far as market shares for its browsers and operating systems are concerned. While Internet Explorer was able to slow its declining share considerably, the company was able to grow its operating share – and Apple lost share for the first time in more than a year.

Analysis: Safari 4 lifts Apple above 10% browser market share

Analysis – February turned out to be the month of the beta browsers, in a more significant way than we have seen in any other month before. While overall market shares remained relatively stable for the top 5 of browser developers, there were major shifts in beta browser market share. Microsoft saw strong gains for Internet Explorer 8 and Apple hit a home run with Safari 4. Mozilla does not promote its Firefox 3.1 and trails its rivals in beta browser adoption, but has the strongest adoption rate of its most current stable browser.

The coming ARM vs. Intel PC battle

Analyst Opinion – I am seeing a lot of ARM activity at the moment that appears to be drifting towards the x86 space. ARM is the most common processor used in smartphones like the iPhone.  And I’ve been waiting for a major push by ARM into the netbook space currently dominated by X86.  The first visible broadside happened this week when Marvell announced they were initially going after the home storage space with low cost ARM based storage appliances, but the goal appeared to eventually be PCs. 

Amazon: One Terabyte of public data now available to developers, which has typically been known for its presence in the virtual shopping arena, has now begun offering over 1 Terabyte (1,000 GB) of data which is sure to completely wow the public via its newest project, called Public Data Sets on Amazon’s Web Services. The company announced the availability of four new data sets last night via a blog post. The data can be accessed via Amazon’s cloud computing service.