The Gaming Renaissance Movement

Analyst Opinion - Making games differently – from production, to financing and distribution: Many have noted that the gaming industry seems to be recession-proof. Monthly sales figures continue to show growth in the market. Even though NPD’s figures for March are off 17% from the same period last year, NPD themselves noted that Easter generally provides a spike in sales, which fell in April this year and March last year. If you look at overall Q1 08 figures, there was 0% change from Q1 09, while software was down just slightly at 2% for the quarter, hardware and accessories were up 1% and 3% respectively.

Apple rumored to buy Twitter?

Opinion: That's what it says on the Internet, so it must be true.

Kindle outgrows its ambition

Analyst Opinion - A couple of months back, I raised a bit of a ruckus with my column – Kindle shmindle – that suggested the high up-front cost of Amazon’s book reader would be its ultimate downfall. As Amazon prepares to launch an even bigger-screened version, supposedly to cater to the newspaper market, my original thesis still stands. Consumers don’t need yet another expensive, limited-function device to buy, maintain and keep charged.

Former Intel CEO criticizes US patent system

A former Intel CEO has criticized the US patent system for "limiting" the reach of invention. Andrew Grove, who led Intel from 1987 to 1998, made the scathing remarks after receiving a lifetime achievement award at the 37th annual National Inventors Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

EU demands major ICANN role

A senior European Union official has demanded that the Obama administration relinquish its control over the Internet. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which operates under the auspices of the US Commerce Department, is currently tasked with regulating critical aspects of the Internet - including the assignment of domain names.

RIAA demands $7000 from NY family

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has agreed to settle a controversial federal piracy lawsuit with the Santangelo family for $7000. The Santangelos already remitted half of the amount on April 20 and are expected to make six additional payments by October.

The Twitter pandemic: Swine flu defines social media’s new age

Analyst Opinion - If someone tweets it, is it news? Should Twitter be our first stop when we want to know what’s going on? Do we even have a choice anymore?

High Efficiency detergents improve laundry experience

Often, single men find themselves at the local laundry emporium, a fistfull of quarters in hand, and very often, they find themselves hoping that the experience will be more fulfilling than merely removing skid marks and ketchup stains. They dream of finding single, lonely lingerie models in the same predicament. However, that is never the case so, thank the stars above that someone came up with HE detergent. High efficiency detergent to those unclear on the concept. It promises to change the laundry experience and your life. I kid you not.

Tradeshows: IFA shows CES the way

Analyst Opinion - I spent last week at the press event for IFA, which is the European version of CES and began 85 years ago with an Albert Einstein keynote. This was the first time for me that I was looking at this show and while the two shows don't really compete, given they are focused on different markets, the IFA show appears to bring in 20% additional sales to participants while CES may actually be a 10% or better drag on sales for those who go to the show. The reason? Focus and timing. 

Survey: Americans believe technology will fix complex social ills

A recently conducted Harris Interactive poll indicates that most Americans believe technology can help solve complex social issues, including the country's failing education system and a stalled auto industry.

Rethinking benchmarks for a new consumer

Analyst Opinion - We have all seen the excellent work various web site and analysts like us have done over the years in comparing the latest graphics AIBs, and, more recently, the new graphics-enabled motherboards. Some have been more thorough than others, but all contain performance measurements from 3Dmark/Vantage and/or FPS in game play. And for the high-end game enthusiast where performance is everything, that’s enough. But is it enough for the rest of us?

Effective notebook cooling: Near-field radiation therapy

Researchers from Lehigh University, IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center and at the Ioffe Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia said they have found a way to cool notebook chips much more efficiently than it is the case today.

Will Twitter make you morally callous?

According to a recent study conducted by a neuroscience group at the University of Southern California, social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook harm and cripple the moral values of their users. Why? The study claims that those sites do not provide the necessary room to feel compassion or admiration.

Facebook dumbs you down

A study from Ohio State University, based on a study of 219 students, suggests that the more you use Facebook, the less you study, and the worse your grades get. However, the report’s author does say the report only shows a possible connection between Facebook use and lower performance in your studies. Sure, we all know the truth: Facebook makes you dumb, among other things.

Acer Revo: The perfect desktop for an imperfect world

Analyst Opinion - The Acer Revo comes at a time of conflict.  It targets buyers who want low cost products that use little energy, do not accept any limitations in using their PC and look cool at the same time. In addition, the best performance parts for a product for this mixed up market comes from Intel which has the Atom platform, and Nvidia, which has Ion. The problem is that Intel hates Ion and is at war with Nvidia. 

Google Street View controversy reveals our hypocrisy

As Google-logoed vehicles carrying spacey-looking cameras on their roofs fan out across the globe to snap comprehensive photo mosaics of major cities, Google Street View opponents in the United Kingdom have formed human chains and online protests to keep the privacy-busting cars out. But then we know that, thanks to the Internet, privacy no longer exists anyway. So why complain about Google?

Firefox hits 35% market share in Europe, 22% globally

Analysis – Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 has been available for 18 days and remains the company’s weakest web browser at launch since version 3. While the software now seems to be close to 4% market share, it appears to be unable to stop the bleeding of other IE versions. Since the beginning of the year, Mozilla’s Firefox has picked up more than half of the users IE lost; the other half went to Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome. This trend is evident in new market share numbers published by Net Applications and StatCounter, which show that Firefox hit a new record market share in March.

The verdict is in: The ultimate geek car is the BMW 7-series

Which car would out you as a geek these days? The Tesla Roadster? The Lexus LS? Perhaps, but if you value gadgets on four wheels (and have the necessary cash on hand), you should be driving BMW’s 2010 7-series, according to iSuppli. No other car is technologically more advanced than the new BMW flagship sedan.

Confrontational Computing: Empowering all users via the Web

Yesterday, Intel Research Berkeley held its 2009 open house with some truly amazing people on hand to demonstrate their latest ideas and wares. Some of the presentations would amaze most anybody, but one in particular caught TG Daily's eye. Have you ever read something on the web and knew for a fact that it was false? Or maybe there was something you had personal knowledge of and would like to expand upon the original author's thoughts by adding your own knowledge to the article -- even when comments aren't available? Confrontational Computing affords web surfers the ability to do just -- it's like Wikipedia for the whole web.

Complexity kills the computer industry

Analyst Opinion - AMD brought out Shanghai, their latest part in November, substantially ahead of when it was expected and it arrived in a market hungry for efficient performance but lacking in the cash needed to buy new systems.  This week Nehalem EP was released, which is arguably the biggest technology step that Intel has made this decade. Both parts are less about raw performance and are more focused on performance per watt. Right now, there is no other industry in which we care so much about what is inside the box. We only care about the benefits the solution provides. I am certain the computer industry is getting ready to take us back to that future.