Model seeks court order to force Google into naming blogger

Our Milky Way galaxy is 50% bigger than previously thought

 The manner in which the Milky Way galaxy is depicted on television, in works of art, and in print makes most individuals think astronomers knew pretty much what the galaxy looks like. However, we're now finding out it wasn't so. Recently, it has been discovered that the size of the galaxy has actually been highly underestimated, and that its overall shape is notably different.

APM subsidiary to mass produce digital g-sensors in 1Q09

LCD panel prices stop dropping in 1H January 2009

Large-size LCD panel shipments decline in Q4 2008, says iSuppli

LCD panel equipment demand extremely low in 1Q

Famous Tweeting Twitterers become hacker targets

 One would think celebrities lead fun, interesting and robust lives filled with exciting events, parties, and lots of things to do. In this particular case, however, the fun may have run out as hackers broadcast defaming messages, making Twitter's Tweeting untwustworthy.

NASA studies solar flare dangers to Earth-based technology

 The National Academy of Sciences, under direction by NASA, has concluded the first economic data study on solar activity and the Earth. The report quantifies the effects fluctuations in the Sun's magnetic field have on our planet and is looking for ways to prevent damage from this "extreme space weather."

77% of U.S. users watched online videos in November

Secure World Foundation looks to future of smooth collaboration

Many may be unaware there's an organization called Secure World Foundation (SWF). It's a private entity fostering cooperative and effective use of space exploration by all States to the benefit of the Earth, its security and mankind in general. In June 2008, SWF was granted permanent observer status to the UN Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). They also chair the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). Primarily a research body, SWF is now looking to 2009 and the Obama administration and growing relationships with all member states.

Digital album sales climb, vinyl makes a comeback in 2008

Diamonds suggest comets caused killer cold spell

$4.4 million Bugatti 57S Atalante found in garage

IE falls below 69% market share, Firefox climbs above 21%

Microsoft was not able to slow the market share loss of its Internet Explorer (IE) web browser in December. IE surrendered more than 1.5 points in December, according to Net Applications, while Firefox, Chrome and Safari posted substantial gains. Over the past 12 months, IE has lost almost 8 points, leaving the browser with the least amount of market share since 1999.

Obama wants Pentagon and NASA to play nice for moon race

 NASA's chief Michael Griffin, rumored in December by four witnesses to have had a red faced meeting with Obama's transition team leader, Lori Garver, is again resisting what may turn out to be standard policy in the Obama administration. Obama seeks a type of merger between the civilian space agency and the military. Under Obama's vision, NASA and The Pentagon will join forces, sharing expenses, to foster our return to the moon by the year 2020, a date competing with China's effort.

IBM's Jack Kuehler dies, 76

 Following a long illness, Jack Kuehler who led IBM to major worldwide successes in the 1980s, essentially re-inventing the company, has died. He is survived by his wife, five children and 12 grandchildren.

Irate mothers breastfeed outside Facebook's headquarters to protest "nudity policy"

Flash growth to slow, SSDs not selling as well as expected

DRAMeXchange has revised its Flash bit growth forecast once again, from 108.2% in September to only 81%, which is less than half the growth rate the sector posted just two years ago. The market research firm said that the new number reflects a declining demand of consumer electronics.

Ultra slim TVs to reach 14 million units in 2012, says DisplaySearch

Update - China: New $659 million wind farm will pay for itself in 2 years

 The National Energy Administration has approved a plan allowing China Datang Corp, the nation's second biggest power producer, to construct a $659 million wind farm facility that will generate 400 megawatts. At $0.10/kWh, it will pay for itself in about two years.