Facebook responsible for a fifth of divorces

What's your partner up to?

Ford gets with the wi-fi in its groovy cars

Rolling mobile hotspots

Producer offered $30 million for YouTube video

"Anyone can do it"

Miserable SOBs live in cities

Tell us something we don't know

Iranian hackers take Twitter down

Iranian Cyber Army strikes

Kids sexting because they can

Nekkid phone pics the new Wassup!

Kepler unveils Motion supercar

0 to 60 in under 2.5 seconds

Japanese store sells humanoid robots

A $225,000 silicon companion

Facebook refines privacy settings

Increases control over shared information

Sixty million Facebook users are Borg

Resistance is futile

Ubiquitous irony is deeply affecting

Says dictionary.com

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? WTF Wednesday?

Your cut out and keep guide to marketing hype

Hiding the Outer, Fatter You

Stuff your face, don't bulge an inch, and get chicks, temporarily.

Tech Economy in the Hands of Nude Entrepreuners

Privacy is dead as is shame, self awareness, and common sense....

TG Daily Founder Launches Site for Single Parents

Wolfgang Gruener, the founder of TG Daily, has a pretty good track record when it comes to building sites that are interesting, informative, and professional. Now, he is taking off on a new venture, one that takes him out of the realm of the tech world for the very first time. Today, Wolfgang is launching Single Parent Gossip, a new site for single parents, and it’s pretty damned good.

Apple announces press conference, world faints with excitement

Opinion A computer company with an insignificant share of the world market today announced it would be holding a press conference on September 9, throwing world stock markets into turmoil and causing journalists to reach for their hyperbole buttons.

Time Magazine develops time machine

It was a pretty ordinary day in Ann Arbor. Sure, the city known as A2 to its friends had just lost its last daily paper after 174 years, but the folks from Time Magazine had an ace up their sleeves - they were reporting on the story from the future.

British men more interested in video games than women

Who said romance was dead? Well, the British if a new poll is to be believed. Once red-blooded males soon cool down and spend more time with their games consoles than their girlfriends or wives.

Geek cars: 10 Most significant debuts at IAA 2009

Slideshow – The IAA is one of the trend-setting automobile tradeshows in Europe and we are expecting an impressive lineup of new cars. Here is our Top 10.

Too many friends: Bill Gates ditches Facebook

Bill Gates was a on a good pace to win the Facebook popularity contest with friend requests that clearly outpaced the numbers of Facebook’s favorite tech journalist Leo Laporte. But accepting friend requests from people Gates has never heard of apparently did not make sense for the Microsoft co-founder. Will his marketing advisor agree?