Hulu paves way for new premium, $10/month service

Viewers who feel limited by Hulu's five episode cap for each series will soon be able to pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to an entire back-catalog of TV content.

New $100 bill uses thousands of lenses, has a 3D effect

The US Treasury Department has introduced a new makeover to the $100 bill, which now has moving images, 3D effects, and changing colors as the most robust anti-counterfeit note in the country's history.

Coming soon: buy digital content at airports

If you plan on flying out of Atlanta this summer, you'll be one of the first to see what could be the first of many new airport kiosks: one that offers movies and music downloaded directly to a memory card.

Electronic license plate reader sends fines to wrong person

An electronic license plate reader designed to automatically send fines to people who skip through toll roads without paying, apparently can't tell the difference between an 8 and a 0.

Nearly half of Americans have social media profiles

48% of Americans over the age of 11 now have profiles on at least one social networking Web site, including 78% of teenagers, according to a newly released study.

HD Radio gets new slate of support from BMW, Ford, others

At the New York International Auto Show, the company behind HD Radio technology announced that seven automakers have renewed their commitment to providing HD Radio as a standard feature.

Nissan pushes mainstream with $32,000 electric car

In the boldest move yet for the electric car industry, Nissan is set to offer the Leaf at under $33,000, bringing the final price to consumers to around $25,000 after a federal tax credit.

YouTube filters offensive content

YouTube has introduced an optional "Safety Mode" filter designed to help users screen out potentially objectionable content.

Google Chrome takes market share from Firefox and IE

Google Chrome has managed to capture at least 5 percent of the browser market share from rivals Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Nudists endorse full body airport scans

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) has officially endorsed the deployment of full body scanners in major US airports.

'Wet' computing system aims to mimic brain processes

Researchers at the University of Southampton are embarking on a project to develop a new kind of information processing technology inspired by the chemical processes in living systems.

Google upgrades cloud-based Docs with full file support

Google has upgraded its free, cloud-based Docs suite by supporting "all file types" and increasing maximum upload limits to 250MB.

Facebook doesn't want you to kill yourself

Death is bad for business, says social networking site Facebook.

The web is killing English

A Welsh researcher warns that sloppy spelling and grammar is dumbing down the language.

Architects create inflatable metal structures

Two Zurich architects are producing 'blow-up' metal objects up to six meters across, thanks to a new welding robot.

Canadian government shuts 4,500 websites

Blame Canada

New captcha technique could foil robot hackers

Scientists at Tel Aviv University are working on a new captcha technology which they reckon will be harder for robot hackers to bypass. The new system relies on people's ability to recognise objects when they move, even though they may be much harder to see when stationary.

Oxford pub of the decade revealed

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A decade in IT: the misery continues

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