Inside the Hyperloop: the pneumatic travel system faster than the speed of sound

The “cross between Concorde, a rail gun and an air hockey table” will deliver passengers between US cities faster than the speed of sound. The history of transport is replete with dreamers who have concocted such schemes for getting people from A to B in previously unimagined haste.

Orbitz iPad app lets travelers book hotels

In a bad economy more people are deciding to give up airline travel for road trips, meaning that they will most likely need on the go travel tools.

China moves key high-speed rail launch by a day

China has announced that they can’t wait much longer to show off its much-anticipated high-speed train link between Beijing and Shanghai. They moved its debut forward by a day to June 30.

TSA is now at bus stations, body scanners coming too?

If you were one of those people who thought you could get away from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) molestation and radiation by ditching the airport and taking the bus, you were wrong.

Travel companies set up lobbying group to fight Google/ITA deal

Several online travel companies have teamed up to fight Google's proposed acquisition of ITA Software.

Skype gives stranded passengers free WiFi at 100,000+ hotspots

Better late than never, especially when it comes to free WiFi. And for the thousands of passengers who still can't get a flight back home, Skype's major announcement today is a very welcome surprise.

iPad app developers focus on tablet games

A recent study conducted by mobile research company Flurry Analytics has found that 44 percent of apps currently being tested for the Apple iPad fall into the crowded games category.