Frankenstein tadpoles see with eyes on their butts

In a deeply weird experiment, scientists have transplanted eyes onto the rear ends of tadpoles, and discovered that they can still see.

'Kidney for iPad' case goes to trial

Five people have gone on trial in China after a teenager sold a kidney to buy an iPad.

Woman receives world's first 3D printed jawbone

An 83-year-old woman has become the first ever transplant recipient of a 3D printed jawbone.

Human face transplants evolve with 3D imaging

Remember the cheesy John Travolta-Nicolas Cage action flick Face Off? Well, it seems as if the face transplant technology featured in the film could soon be a reality.

Report: HIV patient cured by stem cell transplant

A chronically ill HIV patient has reportedly been cured of the disease by an emergency stem cell transplant.

Artificial corneas restore sight for the first time

Swedish and Canadian scientists have successfully implanted artificial corneas in patients, with more than half reporting substantially improved vision.

Team grows retina from stem cells

UC Irvine researchers have created a retina from human embryonic stem cells, the first time they've been used to create a three-dimensional tissue structure.