Transparent, color solar cells fuse energy, beauty

Colorful, see-through solar cells invented at the University of Michigan could one day be used to make stained-glass windows, decorations and even shades that turn the sun's energy into electricity.

UCLA engineers develop a stretchable, foldable transparent electronic display

Imagine an electronic display nearly as clear as a window, or a curtain that illuminates a room, or a smartphone screen that doubles in size, stretching like rubber. Now imagine all of these being made from the same material.

New windows could generate electricity

UCLA researchers have developed a new transparent solar cell that could allow windows to generate electricity.

Transparent car roof is light source at night

BASF and Philips have developed an OLED car roof that can flip between acting as a window and a light source, giving light when switched on but becoming transparent when turned off.

Step towards transparent gadgets - now, where did I put my phone?

Stanford University scientist Yi Cui says he wants a see-through iPhone - and he's done his bit to help create one by developing a transparent battery.

Airbus shows off plane of the future - and it's transparent

Those of us who have problems with glass elevators could be grounded for good, if Airbus's new concept plane becomes a reality.

Samsung produces first transparent LCDs

Samsung's started producing a range of LCD panels which are transparent enough to see through, and which are claimed to cut energy consumption by 90 percent.