Video: SnowPiercer footage teases a dystopian future

Snow Piercer, a long-awaited sci-fi indie project, picked up momentum in 2012 when Octavia Spencer joined the film’s cast.

Japan plans world's fastest train

The Central Japan Railway Company (JR Tokai) has unveiled plans for a maglev train that can hit 310 miles per hour.

Maglev inventor proposes train to space

One of the inventors of the superconducting maglev train is proposing building a bigger, better version than ever before - that could fire out payloads into orbit.

China moves key high-speed rail launch by a day

China has announced that they can’t wait much longer to show off its much-anticipated high-speed train link between Beijing and Shanghai. They moved its debut forward by a day to June 30.

How to train your dog with a GPS and CPU

If you thought training your dog was hard, researchers at Auburn University may be able to help. And by help, I mean turn your puppy into a super dog willing to take on the riskiest of tasks, sniff for bombs, and generally help save the world.

China launches hydrogen powered train

Recently, we reported on China's new bullet train, thought to be the fastest in the world.