Fringe campaign demands obedience

Fox has posted a series of teaser videos for the upcoming fifth and final season of Fringe.

Looper looks for change

TriStar Pictures has released a new international trailer for its upcoming time-travel combat thriller.

Wreck-it Ralph gets a medal

Disney recently released the first full-length trailer for its upcoming video game film, Wreck-it Ralph.

Supernatural trailer closes the gates

The CW has released the first trailer for the upcoming eighth season of its hit mythological investigations serial.

Atlas Shrugged: Part II trailer looks for power

The Strike Productions has released the first trailer for the upcoming medias of their Atlas Shrugged Trilogy.

Frankenweenie promo blasts the screen

Disney recently released a teaser clip f0r its upcoming monster movie parody, Frankenweenie.

Dorothy of Oz trailer rides the rainbow

Summertime Entertainment recently released the first trailer for its upcoming Oz adaptation.  

BSG Diaspora trailer targets the Cylons

Diaspora: Shattered Armistice, a fan-made Battlestar Galactica video game, has been released after 4 years in development.

Antiviral featurette has a fever dream

IFC Films has released a featurette for its upcoming contagion thriller.

John Dies at the End has a Scanner Darkly vibe

This story is set within the framework of an interview given by David Wong regarding the effects of an enigmatic fictional street drug known as Soy Sauce.

Video: The chain guns of Hansel & Gretel

Paramount Pictures has posted the first full-length trailer for its upcoming supernatural adventure film, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Another Doctor Who season 7 prequel appears

Pond Life was not the only prequel to the first episode of the new Doctor Who season.

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate clip cuts off the mask

Bona International Film Group has posted a clip of its upcoming North American release of Flying Swords of Dragon Gate.

Dredd featurette is the law

Lionsgate has posted a new featurette for its upcoming dystopian police thriller, Dredd.

Once upon a time Spot breaks the curse

ABC has released a new TV spot for their upcoming second season of Once Upon a Time.

Possession clip explains the dybbuk

Lionsgate recently released a final preview clip for Sam Rami’s creepy new thriller, The Possession.

House at the End of the Street featurette talks to the girl

Relativity Media has released a new featurette for its upcoming startle flick.

The Hole trailer takes a leap

The low-budget horror film has finally found a US distributor.

The Avengers are ready for Blu-ray, alternate opening included

Over the past week, Marvel has released a bevy of promo videos for the upcoming Avengers Blu-ray pack.

Dark Knight Returns clip hangs back

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have released a clip for their upcoming animated Batman film.