John Dies at the End gets a trailer

Midnight Alliance recently released a trailer for the upcoming film John Dies at the End. The movie is based on the novel by David Wong - a pseudonym for author Jason Pargin.

Star Trek: TNG coming to Blu-ray

So, you may not agree with me that The Next Generation is the best of Trek, but it’s still a pretty big deal that CBS has decided to release the series, not just on Blu-ray, but remastered to today’s standards.

A closer look at The Thing

Strike Entertainment has released a red band (R rated) trailer for its upcoming film The Thing, which is a remake of the classic 1950’s sci-fi startle flick of the same name.

A first look at The Fades

The BBC has released a trailer for its upcoming new show - The Fades - a supernatural fantasy tale about a young man with the unique ability to see ghosts.

An early glimpse of The Thing

Strike Entertainment has released a clip from its upcoming remake of the classic 1950’s sci-fi startle flick, The Thing, which is actually an adaptation of the short story Who Goes There? written by by John W. Campbell.

On Mila Jovovich and the new Three Musketeers

The new Three Musketeer’s adaptation from Director Paul Anderson touts a star-studded cast, and much of the marketting so far has focused on the 3Dness of the film - luckily it is real 3D, so it might even be worth watching with glasses.

Pixar's Brave gets deeper

Pixar recently released a more in depth synopsis of Brave which details quite a bit of the actual plot.

First look at Hunger Games

During the MTV Video Music Awards this past weekend, the few people who still watch the network caught quick a glimpse of the first teaser trailer for Hunger Games.

Where is Peter Bishop?

A month ago we saw our first trailer for the fourth season of Fringe. Today, we have three more to watch.

A first look at the fourth Underworld film

Screen Gems and Lakeshore Entertainment have released a full length trailer for their upcoming continuation of the Underworld franchise.

A first look at the new Immortals trailer

Universal Pictures has released a new theatrical trailer for its upcoming Immortals film.

Theatrical trailer for DC’s New 52 revealed

Starting this weekend, some of us will be seeing this trailer for DC’s relaunch in theaters and on television.

Doctor Who prequel to Let’s Kill Hitler

The BBC has released a "prequel" episode of Doctor Who; the events of which fall between the events of the mid-season finale and the upcoming new episode, Let’s Kill Hitler.

Contagion teasers offers a glimpse of disaster

We recently saw the first theatrical trailer for Contagion showing up as a preview in a number of new films.

On Olivia Wilde, Justin Timberlake and In Time

New Regency has released a trailer for its upcoming In Time film. In the movie - which features Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde - aging has been cured, with the monetary economy replaced by "time-wealth"

Tron: Uprising trailer is live

The new teaser for Disney’s upcoming CG series is up and live on the web.

First trailer for Battleship arrives

Our first look at the upcoming film answers the fundamental question: how does one adapt the story of a fairly boring table-game into a film?

Nickelodeon debuts Legend of Korra trailer

Nickelodeon has released a trailer for the Avatar: The Last Airbender mini-series.

WB showcases Supernatural trailers

The Season 7 trailer gets cheers, while the Animated series gets jeered.

BBC debuts Doctor Who 6.2 trailers

The BBC has posted two trailers for the upcoming half-season of Doctor Who.