Report: Home cooking, traffic are sources of key air pollutants

Almost 80 percent of air pollution involving soot that spreads from China over large areas of East Asia — impacting human health and fostering global warming — comes from city traffic and other forms of fossil-fuel combustion, such as home cooking with coal briquettes.

Claim: Networked cars make traffic safer and more efficient

Vehicles and infrastructures exchanging information with one another and notifying drivers about dangers and traffic situations reportedly make traffic safer and more efficient.

Cuba finally switches on undersea cable

Cuba appears to have turned on the first submarine cable to connect it to the internet, nearly two years after it was completed.

Using cell phone data to beat rush hour

Scientists at MIT recently used cell phone data to track traffic in congested areas of the San Francisco bay area and Boston, Massachusetts. 

Newspaper websites see 20 percent increase in traffic

Remember newspaper publishers? Well, the old school media managed to generate 20 percent more total visits to their websites in September.

Google+ hemorrhages users as novelty wears off

Well, if you haven't got round to joining Google+, you now have a good excuse not to bother: many of those who did have abandoned it.

How to track net neutrality with N00ter

Network security expert Dan Kaminsky has debuted a software tool designed to monitor net neutrality and uncover ISPs filtering traffic.

NYC hopes tech can help reduce traffic

Gridlock may not be synonymous with New York City for much longer.

Netflix becomes biggest source of internet traffic

Video streaming company Netflix is now the biggest single source of internet traffic, accounting for well over a quarter of all bandwidth.

Superinjunction scandal proves a boon to Twitter

The recent kerfuffle over so-called superinjunctions in the UK has led to a big boost in Twitter traffic.

"Unfollowed Me" rogue app spreads across Twitter

Twitter users are increasingly faced with a headache that has long plagued its bigger cousin Facebook - rogue applications.

Quarter of world internet traffic involves copyright theft, NBC claims

Piracy accounts for almost a quarter of internet traffic worldwide, a new study has found.

iPad set to fuel explosion in data traffic

US mobile data traffic is rocketing, according to analyst Chetan Sharma, who says it will hit one exabyte - a billion gigabytes - by the end of the year.

Automotive navigation shifts into the Cloud

Automotive navigation systems are rapidly transitioning from standalone devices to cloud-connected platforms.

TomTom reveals capacitive touchscreen GPS

Unveiled as "the first in a whole new generation of navigation devices," TomTom today announced its Go Live 1000 GPS unit, the first from the company to sport a capacitive touchscreen display.

Is Cloud computing secure?

Chip expert and analyst David Kanter has warned that cloud computing poses "definite" security risks for both corporations and individual end users.

Electronic license plate reader sends fines to wrong person

An electronic license plate reader designed to automatically send fines to people who skip through toll roads without paying, apparently can't tell the difference between an 8 and a 0.

8,000 petabytes of mobile data traffic expected by 2014

Mobile data traffic originating from PC (USB) modems and routers is expected to increase from 2,000 petabytes of data to a staggering 8,000 in 2014.