Apple wants to trademark the word "Startup" in Australia

Rose Powell at Startup Smart in Australia reports that Apple has put in an application to trademark the word Startup.  

Apple loses trademark battle with Mexico's iFone

Apple has reportedly failed in an attempt to prevent a Mexican company  from trading under its own name - despite the fact that iFone filed for a trademark four years before the iPhone was trademarked.

Proview demands iPad trademark worldwide

China's Proview has ramped up its battle with Apple over the iPad trademark, saying it's now seeking global rights to the name.

Proview sues Apple on its home turf

Chinese firm Proview, which claims it owns the iPad name in the country, has taken its case to the US by filing a suit in a California court.

China's Proview seeks to halt iPad exports

China's Proview is reportedly trying to block shipments of Apple iPads in and out of the country as part of its trademark dispute.

Transformers attack Asus

Personally, I wouldn't piss off a fifty-foot tall robot equipped with laser weapons, but then I'm not in charge at Asus.

Apple loses iPad trademark in China

Apple's lost a trademark dispute in China, meaning it may have to find a new name for the iPad if it wants to continue selling the device in the country.

Porn studio offended by HTC connection

Well, it's perfectly understandable, really. If you were running a major porn studio offering everything from Debbie Does Dallas...Again to group sex cams...

RIM faces trademark dispute over BBX name

Just a couple of days after announcing its new BBX platform for smartphones and tablets, Research In Motion is facing a legal threat over the name.

TG Daily threatened by Killer Mobile

A company calling itself Killer Mobile has threatened to take legal action against TG Daily.

Microsoft challenges Apple's 'App Store' trademark in Europe

Microsoft, HTC, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have followed the lead of Amazon in challenging Apple's right to trademark the terms 'App Store' and 'Appstore' in Europe.

Apple trademarks Beatles logo

Apple's aiming to clear up loose ends by applying for a European trademark on the famous Granny Smith logo which appeared on Beatles records.

'Your writing's too small,' complains Microsoft in Apple trademark row

Microsoft's brought out a new weapon in its ongoing trademark battle with Apple - typography.

Facebook trademarks more of the English language

Face(TM)book(TM) has succeeded in persuading the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to grant it a trademark on the word 'face'(TM).

Facebook goes after another site with 'book' in its name

Facebook is continuing with its campaign to trademark two of the commonest nouns in the English language by turning its sights on a two-person website that highlights stupid Facebook posts.

Apple wants the word 'pod' all to itself

Apple's going after San Francisco-based start-up Sector Labs in an effort to stop it using the word 'pod'.

Sparks fly again over Apple's right to "iTV" name

If the speculation is true that Apple is going to brand its next version of the Apple TV as the "iTV," then it'll have a tough time facing the British broadcaster ITV, which one news outlet says is preparing legal action against Apple if necessary.

Google's Nexus branding under threat

Well, that's a bit embarassing: Google has had its trademark application for 'Nexus' rejected, as a small Oregon firm already owns it.