Package tracking system takes social media to new heights

The factors that have made the Internet wildly popular might be able to change the way that way high-dollar and hazardous packages are tracked.

Apple denies iPhone tracking, but plans iOS update

Apple has issued an official statement in an attempt to explain recent reports about the gathering and use of location information by the company's flagship iPhone handset.

U.S. legislators demand answers from Apple

A number of U.S. legislators have expressed concern over a recent report that iPhones and iPads running iOS 4 are stealthily tracking and logging the locations of their owners.

Report: Your iPhone is secretly tracking you

Two security researchers have discovered that iPhones and 3G iPads running iOS 4 are "routinely" tracking and recording user locations (along with time stamps) in a hidden file.

Cookie law crumbles as UK warns it will miss deadline

New EU regulations set to come into force in May could damage businesses' competitiveness, a UK trade body has warned. But never mind - it'll be months before anybody has to comply with the rules.

Apple sued over data tracking

An iPhone user has launched a lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of allowing applications to gather personal information without users' consent.

Device lets insurance giant track miles, speed, braking behaviors

They say it sounds like Big Brother, but a high-tech piece of equipment that tracks your driving could bring you big savings on car insurance. That is enough for some people to accept it with open arms.

Apple eyes remote iPhone tracking

Apple is reportedly eyeing a new "Friend Locator" app that could allow remote iPhone tracking.

Obama admin told to stop tracking cell phones without a warrant

A federal appeals court has rejected a claim by the Obama administration that it is "never required" to obtain a court order before accessing cell-site information retained by mobile carriers.

YouPorn accused of digital snooping

Two angry Californians have filed a lawsuit against YouPorn for allegedly tracking their online behavior.

Feds monitor credit card transactions in real time

The federal government was recently forced to admit it routinely tracks financial information in real-time by monitoring credit card transactions, loyalty cards, and even travel reservations.

Online trackers promise to open up their data

A group of online tracking companies is promising to allow consumers to see what data is being held on them.

Saudis eye human tracking implants

The concept of a tracking chip has floated around the minds of various legislators, science fiction writers, and even parents for some time. 

RFID chips in animals could cause cancer

People put RFID tracking chips in their pets because they care about their well-being. However, that could change soon thanks to a lawsuit against Merck & Co., Inc. which claims the HomeAgain pet microchip may cause cancer cells to develop in cats and dogs.

FBI tracks California student with outdated spy gear

It seems as if the FBI has been caught tracking a California student with outdated spy gear.

Perimeter security goes high-tech

Lockheed Martin and Intelleflex have developed an advanced perimeter security system that uses modified firmware, interrogation protocols and tracking algorithms to prevent unauthorized infiltrations.

FBI wants to track your phone

The US government is pushing to be allowed access to people's cellphone records to help fight crime.