Toyota teases new hybrid concept car

Days ahead of its debut at the Geneva Auto Show, Toyota has released a teaser video and a few images of its new hybrid concept car, the FT-Bh. 

Toyota Prius C starts at around $19,000

With Toyota's new member of the Prius family set to start arriving at US dealerships in March, the company is hard at work gearing up for the release.

Toyota hybrid racer ready to roll

Japanese automaker Toyota hasn't participated in a Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) endurance race since 1999.

"Unintended acceleration" sparks calls for increased automotive oversight

It has been a while since the issue of Toyota's "unintended acceleration" made headlines. Nevertheless, some analysts believe the problem highlights the need for increased automotive oversight.

Toyota rolls out Prius c Hybrid

When Toyota launched the world's first mass produced hybrid in Japan in 1997, it felt like a bit of a gamble for the huge Japanese auto maker.

Toyota Prius C hybrid ready to roll

The Toyota Prius C made its debut this year as a concept at the Detroit Auto Show. 

When we see it at next year's show, the new, five-door subcompact edition of the popular hybrid will be ready for prime time.

Toyota revs hybrid for 2012 Endurance races

Toyota will field a race team at the inaugural Federation International de l'Automobile (FIA) World Endurance Championship race series in 2012.

Toyota safety technology controls steering

Toyota is working on safety technology that assumes control of the steering so that the vehicle can turn away when it isn’t able stop before a collision.

Toyota Prius V gets new sales date

Automaker Toyota has announced a new on-sale date for its new Prius V. 
We first noted the vehicle’s specifications at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, originally planned to become available later this summer.

Chevy in Cruze SNAFU as steering wheel just falls off

Apparently, the scene where a driver loses control and, in a panic, pulls the steering wheel off the car isn’t just a Hollywood invention.

Toyota and Microsoft unveil 'smart car' plans

Microsoft and Toyota have teamed up in a $12 million deal to bring a range of internet services to Toyota cars.

Japan disaster shakes Toyota green car plans

Toyota announced a series of production date changes following the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in early March.

This Lexus CT 200h Hybrid is one tricked-out vehicle

The upcoming CT 200h is the most affordable of the Lexus hybrids, with a base price of $29,120, which might be exactly why the Toyota luxury division decided to spice things up a bit at the recent Chicago Auto Show, putting the car modifier Five Axis to work on it.

New Toyota Prius lineup coming Monday

Word began to leak out more than a year ago that Toyota would grow its line of hybrids under the Prius name, transforming it from a mere model into a brand itself.

Toyota rolls out five year eco car plan

The first generation of electric cars have yet to truly hit the marketplace, but Toyota is already at work on next-gen electric car batteries - along with other "eco-car" development strategies.

Toyota readies Prius refresh

Toyota is reportedly preparing to refresh its popular Prius lineup with the launch of two new vehicles in 2011.

Toyota aims to slash price of hydrogen cars

Toyota reckons it can get the retail price of a hydrogen-fueled car below the $50,000 mark, and could launch as soon as 2015.

Japanese scientists design mind-reading robots

Japanese scientists are preparing to develop "mind-reading" robots and consumer electronics that can be controlled by thought.  

NASA joins Toyota software probe

US regulators have kicked off what promises to be a thorough investigation of glitches allegedly plaguing some of Toyota's vehicular systems and related software.