Ford making inroads against Toyota

Ford, striving to compete in a domestic green vehicle market long dominated by Toyota and its Prius, seems to be making some in-roads against the Japanese automaker in the short time it has been making hybrids.

Fuel cell vehicles may hit US streets in 2017

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been in development for a number of years, but haven't yet hit mainstream adoption to a lack of a viable hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

Self-driving cars to take the stage at CES

Toyota and Audi are set to announce self-driving cars at CES this week, indicating that the technology really may be about to hit the mainstream.

Toyota introduces Qi wireless charging

Next year, Toyota plans to introduce Qi wireless charging to its new Avalon, allowing tdrivers to recharge their phones simply by tossing it onto a mat.

Toyota prices its 2013 hybrid lineup

As the year slowly winds down, Toyota is officially confirming some of the latest pricing details on its growing lineup of 2013 hybrid models.

Toyota the juggernaut of hybrids with 4.6 million sold

Toyota, focused mostly on a green car strategy that favors hybrids over electric cars, has without a doubt become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the hybrid world with vehicles like the Prius.

2013 Toyota Avalon adds a pricey hybrid option

Toyota’s flagship sedan Avalon is going hybrid.

The future of urban transport is Toyota's Ha:mo

What if you could navigate major urban centers in a way that best helps you determine more carbon friendly ways to cover longer distances than one might normally walk or bike? 

Toyota details Avalon Hybrid specs

Toyota has kicked off production of a number of new vehicles, including its flagship Avalon Hybrid which is slated to arrive at dealerships by the beginning of December.

Toyota Scion IQ gets EV option in the US, with a twist

Even though Toyota may be touting a green car strategy that leans heavily on hybrids, the auto manufacturer hasn’t completely given up on electric cars. 

2015 Nissan Leaf aims to be more self aware

Japan's largest showcase of electronics and information technology, CEATEC, turned out to be a bit of a razzle dazzle for electric car technology this year.

Toyota showcases Smart Insect concept car

Toyota's latest concept car is dubbed the Smart Insect and is somewhat reminiscent of a Smart car, if only a tad smaller.

Toyota Auris Touring Sports a nice little hybrid

Toyota certainly isn't wasting any time implementing its plan to debut 21 new hybrid models by the end of 2015. 

Toyota lowers expectations for electric vehicles

Toyota has invested a massive amount of R&D in an effort to accelerate the development of hybrid drivetrains for automobiles.

Ford takes on Toyota's Prius with C-Max hybrid

Ford has been spending quite a lot of time and money ramping up its green vehicle fleet.

Toyota fuel cell vehicle debut set for 2015

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are something auto manufacturers continue to kick around with the promise they might actually see significant numbers on the road someday.

2013 Ford C-MAX hybrid scores strong EPA MPG ratings

The push by Ford to dethrone Toyota as king of the hybrids continued this week with word of the forthcoming C-MAX Hybrid's official EPA miles per gallon ratings. 

Toyota hybrids pass 4 million in global sales

If anyone doubted whether hybrid cars are here to stay or not, then look no further than Toyota's latest global sales figures.

Toyota turns Nintendo DS into nav system remote

The Nintendo DS may be one of the most popular portable gaming systems on the market, but one auto manufacturer has taken the device a step further.

Toyota showcases RAV4 EV with Tesla powertrain

Toyota has finally pulled the wraps off its new RAV4 EV, a relatively small SUV equipped with a Tesla designed powertrain.