Towards a Wreck It Ralph sequel

With the success of Wreck It Ralph, a sequel would be a given. It’s also the kind of movie that has huge franchise potential, which is what studios look for all the time. So will there be a Wreck It Ralph follow-up hitting theaters anytime soon?

Wreck it Ralph is on track to be a big hit

As regular TG readers know, we love the good old days of gaming, and have a lot of nostalgia for the times of the coin operated machines, as well as ancient home consoles like Atari and Coleco.

Wreck it Ralph's a winner

For an old school gamer like myself, it’s been quite fun to see advance posters for Wreck It Ralph around the city, because the art is done like old video games with pixelated graphics.

Partysaurus Rex clip knows how to party

Pixar has released a clip of its upcoming theatrical short.

On Cars 2 and Star Wars

Okay, so the word on Cars 2 isn't good, but just think how much money the toys are going to make!

Disney puts out PS3 game and a Blu-ray movie on one disc

Disney is taking advantage of a technology that more content developers should be. The studio has released a special edition version Blu-ray Disc that allow users to watch the original Toy Story movie and play the Toy Story 3 movie-based game without swapping discs.

RealD promotes 3D glasses for kids

RealD is apparently trying to cash in on the "Toy Story 3" craze by promoting kid-sized 3D glasses.