This diagonal skyscraper is energy efficient

It may seem strange to call 1,125-foot skyscraper efficient, given the energy it takes to build such a monumental structure.

How smaller print film magazine have manage to survive

With the collapse of the economy, it's been a very hard time for writers.

New 'cellphone tower' is the size of a cellphone

Huge, hideous cellphone masts could be on their way out, says Alcatel-Lucent, which has developed a replacement technology that fits in the palm of the hand.

Cellphone system works where there's no coverage

An Australian team has trialled a mobile phone system that works even where there's no network signal.

Sydney's 'ugliest building' to get solar skin

Sydney's University of Technology knows its Sydney Tower is pretty hideous - it even says so on the website. So in traditional fashion, it's decided to put a paper bag over its head.