Windows Surface tablets are a flop

It looks like the sceptics were right, Microsoft’s Surface tablets are lemons. Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft has sold about 400,000 Surface Pro tablets since their debut last month. In addition, it only managed to sell a little over a million Surface RT tablets. Microsoft reportedly ordered three million Surface RT tablets last year, but sales never picked up and Redmond was forced to scale back the order. 

Self-powered touchscreens created

Touchscreens could generate their own power, thanks to the discovery of a new method of energy harvesting.

New technology delivers smarter touchscreens

Intelligent doorknobs and gesture-controlled smartphones could be on the way, thanks to a new sensing technique developed by Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University.

New touchscreen technology gives users more control

Carnegie Mellon researchers have developed a touchscreen technology that distinguishes taps made by different parts of the finger.