Apple wants a universal remote

An interesting new patent application filed by Apple in September 2011 has surfaced.

PepsiCo introduces Social Vending System technology

Today PepsiCo announced the launch of a Social Vending System. It’s part of the company’s commitment to developing "smart" equipment.

Team develops walk-on touch-screen for life-size gaming

A German research institute has developed a touch-screen interface that users operate with their feet.

Cisco takes a walk on the Flip Slide

Cisco has introduced its Flip Slide HD video camera. The $280 device stores up to four hours of high-def digital video and up to 12 hours of content.

Motorola and Sprint debut "push-to-talk" Android smartphone

Motorola has debuted what it claims is the "world's first" push-to-talk Android-powered smartphone at CTIA 2010.

Quantum tunneling: coming to a phone near you

Samsung has licensed a new pressure-sensitive touch-screen technology that relies on quantum physics.