Paper-thin e-skin responds to touch by lighting up

A new milestone by engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, can help robots become more touchy-feely, literally.

Microsoft out of touch with Touch

It is starting to look like Microsoft might have realised that the reason people are not moving to Windows 8 is because of its idiotic interface.

Video: Microsoft adds Kinect gesture support for Windows 8

Microsoft's versatile Kinect device has proven to be quite popular, and not just for gaming on the Xbox 360.

Touch system provides 'an iPad on every wall'

A new touch-activated system projects onto walls and other surfaces and can recognize hand posture and gestures to identify individual users.

Apple showcases revamped iPod lineup

Apple showcased its revamped iPod lineup this afternoon at the iPhone 5 launch event in San Francisco, California. 

The tangled skein of Touch

Kiefer Sutherland’s new show is an evocative surprise.

Did 24 the movie just dodge a bullet?

We recently reported that the big screen version of the show 24 had fallen apart over budget concerns.

House makes room for Fox sci-fi

In what is perhaps bad news for fans of medical mysteries, Fox has decided not to renew House M.D. for a ninth season.

Cryoscope tells you the temperature with a touch

There are a few common things we all deal with in our daily lives, no matter where we live. Take the weather, for example.

The silence and power of Touch

Last week saw the first episode of Touch aired in a special event on Fox. The remainder of the show will begin in a couple of months, but we’ve already gotten a taste of the story with this first episode, and it’s impressive.

Get a peek at the special Touch preview event

Fox will be running a special pre-season preview of the pilot for Touch this coming week.

Fox debuts new trailer for Touch

Fox has released a new long-form trailer for its upcoming mid-season series Touch. The show, which stars Kiefer Sutherland, is a fantasy drama combining elements of big-mystery series with the action of a procedural.

The supernatural action of Touch

Fox has released a trailer for Touch, a supernatural drama developed by Heroes creator Tim Kring and staring 24 superdude Kiefer Sutherland.

Apple refreshes iPod lineup

Apple has refreshed its iPod lineup, adding new features and pricing to its popular Touch and Nano devices.

Amazon refreshes Kindle e-reader lineup

Amazon refreshed its Kindle e-reader lineup on Wednesday, alongside the launch of its long-awaited Fire tablet.

Sutherland and Kring set for new Supernatural drama

Fox has announced ordered a 13 episode season of Touch, a new supernatural drama from Heroes creator Tim Kring, which will star Kiefer Sutherland.

Haptic system helps keyhole surgeons

University of Leeds engineering students have found a way to let surgeons keep their sense of touch when carrying out keyhole surgery.

Vibrating glove delivers super-sensitive touch

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a glove with a special fingertip designed to improve the wearer's sense of touch.

Apple eyes hover gestures as multi-touch alternative

A recently issued Apple patent indicates that Cupertino is seriously considering the development of "hover sensitive" technology to supplement touch-enabled products.

Can shows like CSI accelerate the pace of DNA tech?

On TV programs like CSI, all it takes is one sip from a soda can for detectives to swab, tag, and bust a guilty criminal with DNA certainty. But is real life technology advanced enough to perform such a feat?