A promising slate of genre flicks at Fox

Some CinemaCon 2012 footage, like The Dark Knight Rises and Total Recall, went over very well, while The Hobbit received very mixed notices because it was shot with a new technology, 48 frames a second.

Total Recall a hit at Cinemacon

The CinemaCon convention kicked off this past week in Las Vegas, with the major studios coming out in full force and pushing their upcoming movies.

Total Recall featurettes skew reality

I certainly won't dispute the fact that rebooting certain films and television shows often makes sense, especially for the ones which appear really dated like Space 1999.

Douglas Quaid is back in Total Recall trailer

Back in the 80s when I was a kid, if there was Arnold Schwarzenegger flick, well, you can bet I watched it repeatedly.

Total Recall and Bourne are going head to head

The summer is a very competitive time for movies, and many times we'll see the major studios will book rival blockbusters on the same date, to see which movie will back out first.

Total Recall reboot won't be going to Mars

Sony Pictures has released the official synopsis for its upcoming re-adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s We Can Remember it for You Wholesale.

On Blade Runner and sci-fi

Did you know that Blade Runner was originally considered a total failure?

Ah-Nold as we liked him

It's now obvious to anyone who isn't living in a cave that Arnold Schwarzenegger's marriage - just like his ties with the Obama administration - has been loudly terminated. 

Total Recall sequel comic series in progress

Soon after the announcement that Philip K. Dick’s novelette is being made into another movie, Dynamite Comics began a four-part comicbook sequel to the original film adaptation.