Why Remakes Just Won't Quit

Every time a remake tanks, there’s always the hope that the reboot conveyor belt will eventually stop. Yet even with remakes like RoboCop, Endless Love and Total Recall not doing well, there’s still remakes being announced all the time, including the inevitable, Gilligan’s Island: The Movie. 

Does the New RoboCop Suck?

We’re not nuts about the idea that two Paul Verhoeven sci-fi classics have been remade, RoboCop and Total Recall. There’s still a lot of fan goodwill out there for Total Recall, and for many, us included, remaking RoboCop is tanamount to blasphemy. Still, we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed, and are hoping for the best.

Starship Troopers Is Coming Back

Giant bugs from outer space is definitely B movie stuff, and as silly as much of Starship Troopers was, I did enjoy it, primarily because of the CG bugs, which were some of the best computer effects I’ve ever seen. And yes, there are plans for another Starship Troopers film, and this one will be a reboot of the original.

A Salute to the Creator of Alien

September 30, the same date we lost James Dean, is also the birthday of a man who changed science fiction forever: Dan O’Bannon, the screenwriter of Alien and Total Recall.

Mummy Vs Mummy

We’ve seen it a number of times in Hollywood. Two movies with the same subject going head to head with each other. Two asteroid flicks in 1998 with Armageddon and Deep Impact.

Lamenting Total Recall (the reboot)

Although the trailers looked fairly decent, the remake of Total Recall was probably one of the most embarrassing stiffs of 2012.

Reinventing The Mummy

Universal has a great heritage of movie monsters. In fact, the studio’s foundation was built on the classic monsters of yesteryear like the Bela Lugosi Dracula, and the Boris Karloff Frankenstein.

More Phillip K. Dick adaptations on the way

Philip K. Dick’s works are the basis for some of the most memorable genre films of our time.

Paul Verhoeven talks RoboCop and Total Recall

Paul Verhoeven’s geek credentials are crystal clear. He’s the man who directed one of the best sci-fi films ever, RoboCop, and he also gave us Total Recall, which stands strong against the current remake.

The split juries of Total Recall

I'm actually quite surprised the recent reboot of Total Recall didn't receive better reviews. 

Review: The depths of Total Recall

The new Total Recall film is a fun sci-fi flick, but it did have the potential to be a great movie.

Total Recall featurette hits the airbrake

Sony Pictures has posted a new featurette and international TV spot for its upcoming science fiction reboot of the classic Total Recall.

Total Recall spot is still in the chair

Sony Pictures has posted a new TV spot for its upcoming science fiction reboot of the classic Total Recall.

The geek burlesque of Total Recall

We recently ran a report about how women are geeking out more than ever. 

Total Recall clip rules the world

Sony Pictures has released a new clip for its upcoming science fiction reboot of Total Recall.

Video: The RoboCop - OmniCorp connection

Perhaps it's never too early to promote a movie, which is why I was surprised to see there's already a teaser campaign for RoboCop.

Rekall lets you choose your experience

I really enjoyed watching the original Total Recall which debuted way back in the 90's and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even after all these years, it is still one of my favorite cheesy old school science fiction films. 

Total Recall trailer preps the action

One of my all-time favorite 80's science fiction movies was Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'll be honest - I'm still not sold on Colin Farrell playing Douglas Quaid in the new film.

Opposing the Total Recall and Robocop reboots

Ronny Cox is a fantastic character actor. He made his debut in Deliverance, and also went on to star in Beverly Hills Cop, Stargate SG-1, and many other movies and TV shows.

Total Recall trailer remembers the truth

Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for its upcoming sci-fi adaptation Total Recall.