Toshiba will release glasses-free 3D TV in December

Toshiba plans to launch the world's first commercially available 3D TV that doesn't require glasses later this year, but admits the technology is still far away from becoming completely mainstream.

GeForce GTX 460M shifts Qosmio laptops into overdrive

Toshiba has souped-up its Qosmio X500 laptop series with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 460M.

Toshiba recalls laptops over meltdown fears

Another day, another bonfire. Toshiba has become the latest company to recall a product over fears of overheating.

Sony reportedly dabbling in glasses-free 3D TV

Just a few days after it was announced that Toshiba is working on a commercially available 3D TV without the need for glasses, Sony has come forth to say it too is working on the new tech.

Toshiba bringing glasses-free 3D TV to market this year

With Nintendo's 3DS, digital camera displays, and 3D photo frames starting to steal the thunder from the increasingly clunky-looking 3D TVs that require 3D glasses, Toshiba is apparently ready to step into the new market in a big way.

Toshiba launches first two-screen tablet to run Windows 7

Toshiba's come over all nostalgic, with the launch of three new machines to mark its 25 years in the laptop business.

Toshiba launches 3D-ready laptop

Toshiba has introduced a 3D-ready laptop powered by Nvidia’s Vision technology.

Toshiba showcases 2D-3D LCD panel

Toshiba recently showcased an LCD panel capable of partially converting 2D pictures to 3D images that can be viewed by the naked eye.

Blockbuster On Demand comes to Toshiba Blu-ray players

As it struggles to compete with Netflix's streaming video service, Blockbuster has just landed a deal with Toshiba to offer its on-demand movies directly through new Blu-ray players.

Toshiba develops liquid crystal panel for 3D glasses

Toshiba has developed an OCB (Optically Compensated Bend) liquid crystal display panel for 3D glasses.

Avatar producer says 3D glasses don't suck

Many people find 3D glasses to be awkward, cumbersome and utterly unappealing. But Avatar producer Jon Landau sees them as an "opportunity" - rather than a deterrent - to widespread adoption of the 3D standard.

Toshiba designs "glasses free" 3D display

Toshiba Mobile has designed a 21-inch autostereoscopic high-definition display for use with next-generation 3D monitors.

Toshiba: 3D "Regza" TVs to arrive in June

Toshiba has announced a summer launch date for its "3D Regza" LCD TV lineup.

Toshiba debuts rugged, in-vehicle hard drive

Toshiba has debuted a rugged, 200GB HDD for in-vehicle use. 

Toshiba to manufacture advanced NAND chips

Toshiba has confirmed that it will be spending some 15 billion yen ($160 million) to build a test production line for advanced flash memory chips. 

Toshiba debuts Canvio portable hard drive lineup

Toshiba has introduced its Canvio portable hard drive product lineup for easy-to-use computer backups.

Bill Gates building nuclear reactor (but it's only a little one)

Bill Gates (yes, really) and Toshiba are reported to be building a next-generation nuclear reactor.

ODD suppliers accused of price fixing

A Connecticut-based electronics retailer has filed a suit against several major optical disk drive manufacturers, accusing them of price fixing.