Toshiba's 4K Ultrabook has a $1500 price tag

Toshiba's upcoming Satellite P55t Ultrabook is one of the first laptops to feature a 3840 x 2160 pixel display. 

Toshiba touts Ultra HD laptop display

1080p may have become the de-facto (minimum) laptop display in recent years, although Toshiba is apparently looking to shake-up the status quo with its Satellite P50t.

$280 Toshiba Chromebook goes up for preorder

Toshiba's web-centric Chromebook is the first Chrome OS laptop to ship with a 13.3 display. 

Toshiba rolls out $280 (Haswell) Chromebook

Toshiba is jumping on the Chromebook bandwagon with a new 13-inch laptop designed to run the web-centric operating system. 

Toshiba makes NAND breakthrough

Toshiba has developed its second generation 19nm process that will be applied to mass produce 2-bit-per-cell 64Gb NAND memory chips starting later this month. 

Report: Toshiba's AT10LE tablet is powered by Nvidia's Tegra 4

A string of benchmark results swirling in the Internet ether seem to indicate that Toshiba's upcoming Android AT10LE tablet will be powered by Nvidia's next-gen Tegra 4 processor.

Toshiba rolls out detachable Windows 8 tablet

Toshiba has officially launched a Windows 8 tablets with an 11.6 display and keyboard dock, allowing the device to be easily used like a notebook.

Toshiba teases high-end KIRAbook

Toshiba is teasing a new high-end ultrabook computer which it plans to launch next month. Curiously, although there is plenty of official information regarding specs, pictures of the device have yet to go live. 

NAND sales slow down

The PC market remains weak and the overheated smartphone and tablet market seems to be slowing down as well, but NAND makers are reporting their best quarter in history.

Apple, HP give customer satisfaction

A survey of 10,000 US consumers has pointed to Apple and HP taking the top end of the satisfaction ratings for the computing segment in a Temkin Experience study. At the bottom of the rankings were Sony and Lenovo.

Toshiba designs "Lytro" image sensor for mobile devices

Toshiba is reportedly designing a specialized image sensor for smartphones and tablets. 

Android-powered Toshiba Excite 10 SE tablet priced at $350

New Toshiba Excite 10 SE tablet is $100 cheaper than its predecessor, but still dangerously close to the price of the iPad 2.

Quadruped robot to investigate Fukushima plant

Toshiba has developed a four-legged robot that - at some point - will be used to explore Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear reactor - still basically a no-go area more than a year and a half after the accident.

Quantum cryptography demonstrated over existing fiber lines

Unbreakable quantum cryptography could become a mainstream reality, following the discovery that it's possible to use it over today's fiber networks.

Toshiba, Sony offer 4K TV

Toshiba and Sony are both getting in the game of consumer-level 4K TV sets.

Toshiba's Satellite Ultrabook goes cinematic

Toshiba is showcasing its new Ultrabook lineup at Computex 2012 in Taiwan. 

Toshiba AT300 runs on Tegra 3

Going boldly in the opposite direction of many Android tablets these days, Toshiba's AT300 seems to have a target set on the iPad.

Toshiba goes all-in-one with the LX815 and LX835

We rarely hear anything about traditional desktop computers anymore, unless of course Apple unveils a sleek new iMac.

Toshiba building massive 13-inch tablet

Toshiba believes when it comes to tablets, bigger is definitely better.

Toshiba introduces 'world's thinnest tablet'

Toshiba will begin shipping its newest tablet, the Excite LE, next week.