Dealing Drugs Online

With the untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, there’s a lot in the news about heroin, which sadly is making a big comeback these days. (You’d think after what happened to Kurt Cobain twenty years ago that people would have learned their lesson.) While it’s probably not smart to be selling drugs on the ‘net, that’s apparently what one kid has been accused of doing. 

Majority of Tor crypto keys could be broken by NSA, researcher says

The majority of devices connected to the Tor privacy service may be using encryption keys that can be broken by the National Security Agency, a security researcher has speculated.Rob Graham, CEO of penetration testing firm Errata Security, arrived at that conclusion by running his own "hostile" exit node ...

Cops call for Tor to be switched off

Japanese authorities are approaching ISPs in a bid to get them to switch off the Tor network.

Sci-fi publisher Tor Books says it's scrapping DRM

Tom Doherty Associates - best known for its Tor science fiction imprint - has announced plans to scrap digital rights management (DRM) in the US and UK.

Tor and Forge sci-fi e-books ditch DRM

Most of us can probably agree that no matter what you are buying, DRM is little more than an annoyance.

Tor asks Amazon cloud users to help boost bandwidth

The Onion Router (Tor) anonymization network is asking users for help to improve bandwidth.